America, often led by the Bush family, is now a reverse-Christian nation. Our leaders and many of the people (including PASTORS) refuse to apologize for regime-changing Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and now Syria — and the dozens of countries we’ve regime-changed overtly and covertly — all without apology.

I just watched American Sniper that calls the Iraqi people “SAVAGES.” But WE ARE “THE SAVAGE NATION,” led by Michael “Savage” and the other Zionist controlled, reverse-Christian neocon bullies, taking out the countries that would oppose the coming Satanic NWO — WITHOUT APOLOGY. “Hoorah!”

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“America is a country that thinks big, acts boldly, and leads without apology.”

– Jeb Bush


America is a country that invades big, invades boldly, and invades without apology.

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[youtube=]Jeb Bush Suspends Campaign. Jeb Bush Drops Out of the Presidential Race