Men and women are complementary, not the same, as we’re supposed to believe. We’re created differently to excel in our different giftings.

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“Diffuse means to pour in every direction. As a man, you are what we call ‘single focused.’ … You pay attention to one result at a time, ‘single focus.’ We have ‘diffuse awareness.’Most men will interpret that: ‘oh, so you pay attention to three or four things at a time.’ No. ‘Oh, you focus on two or three things at a time.’ No, it means we don’t focus. [laughter]

We don’t focus. It doesn’t mean we can’t focus. Because we can, for short periods of time. And it’s like: do you know how much energy it takes to get the shuttle free from the force of gravity. All the fuel is burned up getting it free…. That’s what it takes for us to focus.

I’ll sit down to write something which requires focus, and….”

– Alison Armstrong

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske, a focuser

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How Women Think Part 1 of 3 – “What Focus???”


Alison Armstrong: “As a woman, doing 8 to 10 things at the same time is easy. It’s doing one thing that’s almost impossible. It’s really, really, really, really hard for us to just do one thing”