Quotes I transcribed from this excellent, breath taking video:

“Many, many in the church will be shocked to find themselves in hell one day.”

“If we do repent, righteousness remains. If we don’t repent it does not. … We really do have to repent.”

“There are many who think they are in Christ but they are not. They think they are not in a place of condemnation but they are. And when they die they will find themselves condemned to hell.”

“It’s possible to give more power to sin than to the cross. Was the cross not sufficient to keep us free from sin?” “Those in the false grace movement overstate our sinful nature, our weakness, and understate the power of the cross … to empower us to be free from sin. … The true grace message is a message of power. … I can be free from sin…. …because the cross is that powerful that we can live an overcoming life.”

“We can absolutely obey. And obedience along with repentance, along with relationship is what it takes to be in right standing with Jesus — to be in Christ Jesus — and to have confidence in our position and our eternity.”

“Christian, why would you even want to make excuse for anything less than the standard that God has called us to. … If God is calling us to the high mark, why would we want to teach compromise?” “For us as Christians to simply take casually direct mandates of scripture speaks of a really serious issue.”

“If we are deceived by false theology into thinking we are in Christ while actually living in disobedience we are in trouble.” “We’ve got to get messages of condemnation and hell back into the pulpits again. We’ve gone too far….”

“If we go on sinning DELIBERATELY…” (Hebrews 10:26…). “I’m going to keep on in pornography. I’m going to keep stealing form the IRS…. I’m going to keep lying — those little white lies. I’m going to DELIBERATELY withhold forgiveness from somebody.” That’s a big one.

“The only people that are going to feel fearful and condemned are those that reject the message. You’re actually going to be set free if you receive the message.”

“My belief is ‘once-saved-rarely-saved.’ I believe that the Bible is clear that the road is very narrow.”

Galatians 5: “Jealousy, envy…, small things, personal issues can actually keep us from eternity with Jesus. … But the GOOD NEWS is that YOU CAN BE FREE. …when we walk in the Spirit.”

“The false grace movement would teach that it’s our focus on sin, not the sin itself that puts us in bondage. The reality is that people are becoming affirmed in a sinful state with no fear of the Lord or fear of damnation at all.”

“Repentance is actually a WONDERFUL, JOYFUL, FULFILLING lifestyle to live! …as we RUN RIGHT INTO THE ARMS OF A LOVING DAD!”

FOUR: “A BIBLICAL works message is renounced as LEGALISM. … How far from orthodox Christianity has the church fallen?”

FIVE. Salvation is depicted as easy and/or permanent.
Jesus didn’t die on the cross to make it easy for us to get saved. He died so it would be possible for us to get saved.

The false-grace doctrine teaches that our eternity and our relationship with Jesus is already settled and we can simply relax and enjoy God. Our obedience is in no way joined to our relationship with Jesus our our eternal destiny. (source)

“We need another David Wilkerson/Leonard Ravenhill-type movement where we deal with the hard issues.”

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Five Marks of the False-Grace Movement