Quotes by Chuck Baldwin, transcribed by Jeff Fenske:

39:45 “These preachers and these politicians who are influenced by these preachers are associating Israel ‘after the flesh’ with the Israel ‘of God.’ And that is a major, major doctrinal error.”

46:30 “God destroyed the old earthly city of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.. That old, fleshly, earthly Jerusalem has absolutely no significance spiritually to the believer today.”

“The temple was destroyed, and thus temple worship was destroyed.” “Since Jesus sacrificed Himself there is no reason, there is no merit, there is no use for animal sacrifices. In fact, to try and sacrifice an animal today would be a blasphemous attack against the blood Jesus shed on Calvary for our sins.” “To try and implement any form of temple worship is to try and negate the work of Jesus on the cross.”

“I’m concerned in my soul as I see the reintroduction of Judaizing believers [whom Paul warned about in Galatians — Chuck mentions – ed.] into the modern church today. They’re trying to put us back under the law.”

55:00 “The current city of Jerusalem in the state of Israel is not the new Jerusalem. … The old Jerusalem is not the new Jerusalem.”

55:50 “Any temple built in the modern, earthly city of Jerusalem would by necessity be a counterfeit temple…, because we are the temple of God.” “Who is the author of all of this counterfeit doctrine? Satan. … This is Christianity 101 to anybody born before May 14, 1948.”

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A Counterfeit Temple; A Counterfeit Israel – Bible Study by Chuck Baldwin on Feb. 1, 2017