This is from my ToBeFree blog, but also applies here. Today, very few Christians are like the Bereans, whom Paul said were more noble — because they eagerly received Paul’s teaching and CHECKED THE SCRIPTURES DAILY TO MAKE SURE WHAT PAUL SAID WAS TRUE.

False doctrine is now taught in almost every church today and on TalmudVision (TV).

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SUSAN LINDAUER: “I’m becoming more scared. I had hopes for this generation.”

JAMES PERLOFF: “They have a lot more vaccines and a more politically correct agenda. One of the remarks I heard Mr. Steele make…: ‘the high school grads of the ’50s were more capable of critical thinking than the college grads of today.’ …

They say that since the smart phone was introduced, attention span has measurably decreased with the proportionate increase in the use of the smart phone. People don’t have the ability to focus like they did before, to read materials, which is often usually the best way to get a self education. …

If you want to get to the bottom of a crime like 9/11, you need to be able to look at facts, evidence, see what is likely, see what is merely there for propaganda purposes, rule out things that don’t make sense, and come to a logical conclusion.”

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske @95:40

LISTEN HERE (James Perloff starts @ 61:30)