This was a bit cumbersome study, but there are great gems here! It’s long, takes a while to get interesting, and the Spanish translation is time consuming.

For those new to Ron Wyatt, I recommend watching some of his other videos first.

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Transcribed and notes by Jeff Fenske:

Panel – from left to right: Ron’s son-in-law Dennis, Ron’s daughter Michelle, son Ronny, friend Jessilynn (sp?) Johnson, Kevin Fischer @

48:45 Because people wanted to know about Ron’s DNA, Ronny had his tested, which showed they came from the tribe of Judah, not Levi.

52:40 Ronny describes the three cross holes and the sign holders at Golgotha. Ron got his first blood sample there.

55:55 Zedekiah’s cave is 375 feet south of the garden tomb’s grounds

56:35 How God told Ron where the ark of the covenant was. About ’78 or ’79, “my dad’s arm just reached up, and he goes: ‘that’s Jeremiah’s grotto, and the ark of the covenant is in there.'” “He didn’t even know why he stuck his arm out, but we had been praying about God to show us what to do. … It seemed like everything my dad found, God led him right to it. … Even in the Red Sea, when we went for the golden chariot wheel, we found it right away. It’s just amazing how God let people as untrained as we are to be a part of this.” – Ronny Wyatt

59:40 taxi stopping three times story: “shortly after we said the prayer” about where to look, the taxi cab died electrically. Ron thought that was kind of strange, so they marked the place with a pile of rocks just in case God was telling them where. When they returned later, that’s where they found the anchor stones and where Noah’s wife was buried. – Ronny Wyatt

1:04:10 When asked about the “Holy Spirit’s” role: “He guided us every step. There is nothing we could have done without Him. And without Dad raising us in our faith and praying, we could have never got close to finding any of this without God.” – Ronny Wyatt, after which he had to leave

1:06:00 The so-called Mt. Ararat discoveries were fake. Wood was not petrified. Ararat is a post-flood volcanic mountain.

1:13:55 “When the Sunday law is enforced, then the 10 commandments will be shown to the world, the angel said” — which Ron found in the ark of the covenant. Ron was a 7th Day Adventist. This is the specific area that I find sketchy regarding Ron; though, the discoveries all seem completely legitimate. I consider Ron a Spirit-led hero!

1:20:00 It seems that they’re saying here the rebuilding of the temple will be a good thing; though, it will actually be an abomination, restoring animal sacrifices. @2:04:00, the guy on the right says it could be when the new Jerusalem comes down, perhaps? They believe the ark will be there forever on earth. So the 7th Day Adventists don’t believe the earth will be destroyed one day? Also mentioned at 2:06:15. One comment under this video reads: “didn’t see the need or reason for a temple. This guy is misrepresenting a bit.”

1:23:50 Shekinah glory no longer there (just angels)

1:27:54 Jesus’ blood tested, because an angel told Ron to do so; though, dead blood shouldn’t have come show results. But it did: 24 chromosomes: 23 from Mary, 1 ‘y’ from God the Father – Ron’s hospital worker friend Jessilynn.

1:39:45 Other items found with the ark of the covenant | What the blood of Jesus fell onto specifically

1:50:20 Four angels protect the ark and helped Ron. Ron had seen other angels in his life, and they always looked like a regular person.

1:52:50 The video that did turn out, but no one will see until the time comes

2:09:00 Jessilynn’s touching story. Ron told her: “The blood of Jesus fell on the mercy seat, and that’s when our sins were forgiven.” “I’m so glad I met Ron Wyatt and learned that my sins can be forgiven.”

2:16:20 photo exhibits within the museum shown

An important YouTube comment: “Ron Wyatt made no money from his adventures.”

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