The Pharisees (Talmudic Jewish leaders of Jesus’ day) wanted Jesus to fulfill their Talmudic & Satanic world domination plan, but Jesus said: “My kingdom is not of this world.”

They’re still carrying out that NWO plan, now with the help of “Christian” Zionists, who ignore Jesus’ warnings, and support everything Talmudic, anti-Christ Israel does.

Texe tells the truth about what the rabbis really believe and are doing — and the anti-Christ rabbis can’t stand the light of day being shown upon their evil deeds.

Full title: 

“Holy Serpent of the Jews: The Rabbi’s Secret Plan for Satan to Crush Their Enemies and Vault the Jews to Global Dominion”

29:30-43:50 Without Jeff Rense, Texe tells more about the book to fill out the hour for his own broadcast

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TEXE MARRS – Amazon com Bans Texe Marrs’ Book, Holy Serpent of the Jews – March 18, 2017

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Amazon Bans Texe Marrs’ Book, Holy Serpent of the Jews
March 17, 2017

Recently, Amazon notified Texe Marrs that they were banning his book, Holy Serpent of the Jews. Their comment was that this book did not meet their “content guidelines.” So a book with numerous quotes from rabbis violates this vague regulation? What was so vile that this book had to be removed from their list? Is the serpent the Messiah of the Jews? Do the Jews worship multiple deities?

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(audio) Texe Marrs Predicted Amazon Book Banning of ‘Holy Serpent of the Jews’ – June 25, 2016 – “Maybe it will become forbidden at Amazon” (happens in 2017!) — Today, we are on the threshold of a horrifying new epoch of Jewish history, the Holy Serpent wreaking havoc upon humanity • Jesus once declared, “Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers. How can ye escape the damnation of hell?” • Amazingly, the Jews have proven to be exactly what Jesus prophesied. They are the People of the Serpent, unregenerated hypocrites whose religion is unparalleled in its treachery, its wickedness, and its unbounded filth. The Kabbalah and the Talmud, authored by the rabbis, are the very code of hell, the doctrines of devils • “Friends, don’t go into this ‘Messianic’ Judaism stuff. It’s patently evil”

(video) “Zionism and Christianity: Unholy Alliance” – real-history, full-length film by Ted Pike — “They [pastors] were supposed to be WATCHMEN on the wall, yet they failed to utter even a hint of warning”

(video) Sick Evil Jewish Talmud — Source of sexual deviance, vile blasphemy of Christ, hatred of Christianity & Christians • “Only Jews are men” (human) • “Christians, as followers of the ‘false prophet’ Jesus, deserve death” • Through the Talmud, the Pharisees rejected God’s new covenant agenda and gave Jews an ethic that encouraged bigotry and isolation — and invited persecution

(video) Roots of Christian Zionism: How Scofield Sowed Seeds of Apostasy — The ‘Angry’ Evangelicals – Praying for War instead of “Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God” – Jesus

Real history of Cyrus Scofield at 27:20
Scofield Reference Bible at 31:15
• God’s words to Abraham in Gen. 12:3, “I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee” does NOT refer to the modern state of Israel
• Oxford Press further Zionized the notes
Praying for war instead of peace at 46:45
• Christian Zionists enable war
• “Blessed are the peacemakers” bothers them