I am also convinced this is the real Noah’s ark, and can’t understand why most people in the world don’t now know. The evidence is overwhelming, and the claims about the Ark landing on Mount Ararat were fabricated. It’s a volcano that didn’t even exist after Noah’s flood. I first saw a film on this in the early ’90s, and have followed the story ever since.

For more on this and other Biblical real-history discoveries, see my Ron Wyatt posts at ONEcanhappen.

The creator of this video said this in a comment:

Around 2010 there was a Japanese team that planted “ark” evidence in the mountains and then “discovered” these things. My tour guide knew locals that were paid to help these “researchers.” It was all about making money. I have video footage of an interview about this topic from the tour guide. I really believe the footage above and multiple findings by Wyatt are the real deal. Listen to his testimony online sometime.

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Main parts to watch:

Good intro: 0:00 – 3:10

Drone footage: 13:30 – end 

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Drone Flying Over the REAL Noah’s Ark