The ‘silent prayer’ Jesse mentions
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Women Discuss Their ANGER Toward Their FATHERS (EXCERPT, Church Aug 13)
Published on Aug 18, 2017

FULL VIDEO: Sunday, August 13, Jesse asks women at Church about their anger toward father and mother. One woman talks about her expectations toward her mean parents. She never married because of her weakness, fear, and judgment that she never overcame from her upbringing. Jesse urges her to know herself so she can understand her parents and forgive them. Her resentment holds her down. Jesse urges her to practice a silent prayer:… Another young lady resents her father because he’s mean. She didn’t talk to him about it because they got into a fight recently. Satan talked her out of it. Jesse urged her to be honest, she needed him to be a father, but realize he didn’t have the love to give — he did his best. Show him love. Say sorry for holding it against him. Forgive him, and God will forgive you. If not, she’ll be hell for her boyfriend. The father is the Christ on earth.

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