The most beautiful oration I’ve seen yet on forgiving.

In this video, Jesse has a heart of gold, and lays out to a not-yet-a-believer exactly what happens if we’re hurt and stay angry — and then how freedom and the power to overcome happens when we forgive — and why. God sets us free!

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My longest transcription yet — Jesse Lee Peterson:


14:10-17:45 Jesse tells OJ Simpson’s story, how he never forgave his father and his mother — “and he ended up in destruction.”

“The only thing that will sooth the soul is forgiveness.”

“When you forgive them, God will forgive you.”

“God has it set up where when you forgive, He will forgive you and make you free. He will take the *spirit of anger* away from you and give you perfect peace.” 

“We must forgive if we want to be free.”

“We have to learn to speak up, but don’t resent.”

18:30-21:00 “That’s how evil is, it deceives you. Because what happens is when you fall away from the light with anger, with judgment, you fall into the darkness. And in the darkness, Satan starts to work on your mind. He deceives you. You hear voices. You hear yourself talking to you, to yourself. You hear other voices telling you to do things. He leads you down the wrong path.

So what I tell people when they have that conflict that comes from anger, what they need to do is go to that pain within and relax in it, and take the pain, but don’t have an opinion about it. Don’t judge it as right or wrong, but to relax in the pain. And when you relax in it, then you are overcoming it.

But if you go and take a drink or smoke marijuana, or go and curse someone out, then you are feeding the pain. You’re feeding that identity that’s made a home in you, which seems like your identity, but it’s not. There’s a *spirit* that’s made a home within you.

So if you can relax in it, then you can overcome it. You need to face it, rather than running away from it. And most people run away from it by taking medication, anti-depressant pills, or by naming it as something like post-traumatic stress disorder. They put a name to it, and as long as they’re doing that they’re never going *to be free*. But you have to repent for being wrong, and being wrong is when you are angry at yourself or others.

I tell people all the time that every thought that they get, those that seem good and those that seem bad are all lies. They build you up just to let you down. But if you can overcome that voice, that noise that you hear all the time and return to the quiet, still, voiceless voice of God, which is revelation by the way, then you’ll be guided in the right way all the time.

But you gotta drop the anger so you can overcome the voices of the deceiver.

A lot of people are really locked into those voices if they believe everything it says; even though, it will build them up and let them down. It will tell you that you’re good, and then it will tell you that you’re bad.

If you can omit that, and let it pass, then you can be free.”

31:20-34:05 “You think: ‘how in the world did I do that?’ And you start to realize that there’s something that’s made a home in you, and it causes you to do things you wouldn’t ordinarily do.

So you realize if I’m this way, then you realize the person you’re mad at… must not have been able to help themselves. And they don’t want you to hate. Your parents don’t want you to hate them for the mistakes they made.

So if you can understand yourself, knowing that it’s not you that are doing these things, but something that is causing you to do it, it will help you to forgive others.

So once you see that, you go and forgive, and… in that very moment that spirit is taken away from you. You return to your original state of being. And it is as though you have never gone through anything. There is no more memory of it, meaning that it doesn’t play over and over in your mind. Even when you tell people about it, it’s almost like you’re lying about it because there’s no more spiritual pain. Your soul is not feeling the pain of it anymore because it has reconnected to the Tree of Life. And the Tree of Life is God within us.

And so by forgiving, it set you free from the pain of it, from the memory of it. But it awakened you so you can see….

If you really want to have control over your life you must forgive, because in forgiveness you have perfect love. Perfect love makes you free. It gives you authority over the enemy. If you want to be strong, perfect love is the way to go. Forgiveness is the way to go.

Everyone who has anger are weak. They have no power; they have no authority, and they end up in the same situation, one way or another over and over again. But once you forgive…., you start living from that point forward. … All you have is right now, and you live and grow moment to moment, because you start to overcome situations, rather than overreact to situations. Because every time you overreact it destroys you. You are being controlled.

59:30 “As I write in the book, ‘The Antidote’ [The Antidote: Healing America From the Poison of Hate, Blame and Victimhood 2015], all angry people feel like victims, and they blame someone else for the way that they feel.”

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Forgiving starts @ 14:10


Broken America | Jesse Lee Peterson and Stefan Molyneux

Published on Aug 18, 2017

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson is a radio talk show host, speaker, and the author of SCAM: How the Black Leadership Exploits Black America, and From Rage to Responsibility and “The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood.” For more from Rev. Peterson, please check out:

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(vid) Jesse Lee Peterson: Don’t Give Up on Yourself — “You will have perfect peace, with no anger, and be free! You’ll deal with the world and overcome issues. There is a spiritual battle for control of your life — one of good (God within), and one from evil, from your father the Devil. The voice of Satan in your head doesn’t want you to be still and discover the true God within”