I like Jake’s parts 1 & 2 here, but wrote this comment in response to part 3. I quoted a phrase from the fourth verse of our national anthem, which Jake read:

07:25 “Then conquer we must *when our cause it is just*.” Real historian, James Perloff has proven that almost all of our wars have not been just. Maybe none have, actually. WWII, the “good war” especially, and even the revolutionary war, we now find out. Because of this, and how we treat others covertly too, I’m increasingly ashamed at what our flag *does now represent to many worldwide*.

This kneeling protest is a psy op to divide and conquer, but from a real-Christian perspective, WWJD? — what would Jesus do — and what does He think of our flag — in that *for many it now represents* how the USA has followed a Talmudic, Satanic agenda, instead of following Christ, and doing what is right?

In 2007, I transcribed this from a message by Greg Boyd:

“It’s normal for the kingdom of the world to consider the boys in body-bags on our side more important than the boys in body-bags on their side. But from a kingdom of God perspective, we would consider all body-bags to be equally tragic.

The kingdom of the world is always involved in conflict, because it’s a power-over kingdom, and if you’re getting in the way of my power-over we’ll have to go to war over this. And usually in the kingdom of the world you demonize your enemies to rally up power against them.

But in the kingdom of God, we are not allowed to have any enemies. We’re forbidden to have enemies of flesh and blood. The ones who think that they are our enemies, we are commanded to love them, to serve them, to lay down our life for them.

While the kingdom of the world is about conflict, the kingdom of God is about RECONCILIATION.”

– Gregory Boyd
Pastor of Woodland Hills church in Minneapolis

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The NFL Flag Protest – Part 3 of 3 – What the American Flag Represents

Published on Sep 27, 2017

There is a communist agenda at work in America. It is being pushed partly through the NFL flag/anthem protest. This is part 3 of 3 videos to address the protest, why I disagree with the claims made by the NFL players and what the US flag and National Anthem mean to me. #BoycottNFL