(vid) Stan Johnson of The Prophecy Club: Las Vegas Massacre

In the ’90s, Stan Johnson of the Prophecy Club helped inform me, big-time, of what’s really going on with the NWO (though he left out a very important part). I learned so much through the many speakers I watched on VHS tapes that pretty spendy.
Stan made a fortune, and hurt people, without reconciling. The love of money has hurt many! He also protects the Talmudists, without warning the people.
I don’t trust Stan, but hope and pray he does better. Reconciliation needs to happen. Healing needs to happen. I wouldn’t support him financially until this happens. What he says here is excellent.
I’m spending a lot of time covering what really happened at the Las Vegas Massacre at ToBeFree, which now has 155 posts in my Las Vegas Massacre category.
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Las Vegas Massacre

Published on Nov 3, 2017

Similar to the JFK assassination, there seems to be a major cover-up going on in regards to the Las Vegas massacre on October 1st. Coming from the perspective of a prophecy student, watchman and teacher; Stan explains why there is compelling evidence that this could be the largest cover-up in American history.
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