NOTE: I wrote this for my ToBeFree blog, where I actively investigate some of the false flag events designed to destroy US and others. While looking at what happened at Sutherland, I discovered this, which I’ve seen firsthand happen in Anchorage churches. This should not be. So I thought I’d share this here too.
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As always, I’m open to the truth no matter what it is. So far, I do NOT believe the Sutherland Springs Baptist church shooting was staged. The physical evidence so far lines up, anyway, which I’ve shown on this site (do a search on ‘Sutherland’ in my search engine, top-right at ToBeFree). Many truthers believe the whole thing was staged, largely because of this video in which the pastor’s wife doesn’t appear to show emotion right after losing her child and most of the people in their church: ‘Please don’t forget Sutherland Springs’: Pastor, wife respond to shooting [WFAA Published on Nov 6, 2017]
One investigator told me that another reason he believes the event was staged is that there weren’t enough people in the church in prior videos. Below is one recent video that I’ve already partially critiqued. When I looked at it to see the number of those attending (many are behind and to the right of those in the video too), I saw this clearly inappropriate behavior; though, many pastors will say it’s not, justifying their own sin. I know some personally who full-frontal hug women in the congregation. This is a girl, and is completely initiated by the pastor, creeping up on her with ‘surprise’ and big smile.
Sadly, this happens far too often in ‘Christian’ churches without anyone saying anything. The Bible says that Christians are not even to have a hint of sexual immorality.
Also, sadly, many people we see here, perhaps even this girl, are no longer with us.
The reason I watched this video first, right after the event happened, is because of the title: “When to Call a Witch or Spiritualist.” The correct answer is “never.” Why would a pastor name a sermon this way? I’ve never seen any do this, ever. So because of the title, I thought maybe truthers were on to something that there is really is something Satanic about this church, but the message actually seems better than I expected; though, I still haven’t watched it all.
Paul writes in the Bible: “overseers must be blameless,” or they’re disqualified. I’m not impressed with what I see here — and how many pastors aren’t careful enough. This is a wake-up call for ‘Christians’ willfully sinning.
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Pastor creeps towards girl from left at 7:48

This guy should not have been a pastor based on this alone.

10-15-2017 – 1 Samuel 28 – When to Call a Witch or Spiritualist

Love Never Fails,
– Pastor Frank