EXCELLENT, BALANCED teaching regarding LGBTQ.
But warning: please be careful of Michael, who loves the title “doctor,” what Jesus said not to do. And here he asks people to follow him on social media, but he’s leading many horribly astray on ‘Christian’ Zionism, supporting Talmudic Israel no matter what; though, Jesus warned us of the ‘leaven’ of the Pharisees and whom they were actually serving, and how we must be ‘peacemakers’ to truly be called the children of God, Jesus said in Matthew 5. Michael also blocks those who carefully and lovingly tell the truth about Israel.
But this is really good. Highly recommended. Both parts below:
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I’m speaking at a massive youth conference in KC on reaching the LGBT community with compassion.

We had to turn away lots of young people who were eager to learn how to reach out to the LGBT community with God’s love and truth.


Speaking at the Onething Conference in KC on why we must resist LGBT activism. Again, we had to turn away many hundreds who wanted to get in.