Excellent, but: the Holy Spirit isn’t always a “voiceless voice” though. He speaks in the “still, small voice” that the demonic voices can drown out.
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Voices in School Shooter’s Head: Same Spirit Controls YOU!

Published on Feb 18, 2018

See Jesse’s first discussion on this: https://youtu.be/HTBPD7jOp7Q Alleged Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz said he did it because voices in his head told him to. Jesse talks about the voice in your head that some think is themselves, or is God — it’s neither, but is Satan. You believe Satan’s voice, whether he tells you things are good or bad. It’s the spirit of evil that you’ve identified with. The voiceless voice is the voice of God. This boy was reportedly taking medication, and many kids are given these psychotropic drugs and anti-depressant pills at a young age. Many children come from broken homes — fathers and mothers are angry, weak, and battling, and kids are being raised by stepparents. This boy was adopted, and not raised by his father and mother. Kids need their fathers and mothers, and need them to be good. But stupid liberals want to push gun control. No laws will solve this problem. It’s not a mental illness, but a spiritual possession. Getting rid of guns, passing laws, and medication won’t solve it. You are controlled by the spirit of anger. It’s not gun control laws we need. You must forgive, and return to God.