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Pastor Chuck Baldwin: Trump launches unconstitutional, illegal, unjust, immoral war on Syria — Calling Assad a "monster" and an "animal." But Bashar al-Assad is mild-mannered physician married to a British citizen. He is loved and adored by the vast majority of the Syrian people–including Syria's Christians. He often travels openly throughout Syria without fear of being harmed by his own countrymen. Assad has a higher popularity rating among his fellow countrymen than any other national leader on earth

Chuck Baldwin wrote on Facebook hours after Trump bombed Syria for a second time on April 4th, 2018:


At 4 am local time, U.S. U.K., and French jets fired an undetermined number of missiles on so-called “chemical” targets in Syria in supposed retaliation for Syria’s alleged gas attack against the Syrian people. But there is absolutely NO PROOF that the chemical attack came from the Syrian government. Everyone seems to have conveniently forgotten that the U.S. certified that Syria had given up its chemical weapons back in 2014.

Do you know which country has the largest stockpile of chemical weapons? The United States, that’s which one.

Plus, everyone knows that the Islamist terrorists fighting the Assad government are in possession of chemical weapons (no doubt supplied by the United States). And Donald Trump is basing his attack against Syria on the word of the Douma-based terrorists fighting Assad? You call THAT evidence?

Trump said he attacked Syria’s chemical weapons stockpiles, but THERE ARE NO CHEMICAL WEAPONS STOCKPILES in Syria. Therefore, the missiles hit key Syrian supply bases and Trump claimed they were chemical stockpiles.

Hmmm. If they had been chemical weapon stockpiles that were bombed, wouldn’t the poisonous gasses be showered all over creation, killing untold numbers of people? If that had happened, who, then, would be guilty of using chemical weapons against innocent civilians? Remember, these missile attacks included Syria’s capital city, Damascus–the country’s most densely populated metropolis.

Beyond that, the missile attacks came just before international inspectors were scheduled to arrive in Syria to investigate the chemical attack. The U.S. missile attack doubtless has now forever destroyed the evidence that the chemicals were used by anti-Assad terrorists, NOT the Syrian government. How convenient.

Defense Secretary Mattis is saying this is a “one time” attack, but Trump is strongly suggesting that more missiles are on the way. After all, most of the missiles were intercepted by Syrian missile defense systems and didn’t reach their intended targets.

Trump has called Assad a “monster” and an “animal.” But Bashar al-Assad is mild-mannered physician, a western-trained eye doctor to be specific. He is married to a British citizen. He is loved and adored by the vast majority of the Syrian people–including Syria’s Christians. He often travels openly throughout Syria without fear of being harmed by his own countrymen. In fact, Assad has a higher popularity rating among his fellow countrymen than any other national leader on earth. This is the man that has ordered several chemical attacks against his own people? BALDERDASH! POPPY-COCK!

This was a U.S. dark ops false flag if there ever was one. And after criticizing Barack Obama for falling for a false flag chemical attack in 2013 that was blamed on Assad, Trump is doing the exact same thing–except this time he is risking war with Russia.


People all over Eastern Europe are now comparing Donald Trump to Hitler. It is not lost on the people of Russia especially that Trump launched his attacks on Syria at the very same time (4 am) that Hitler launched his attack against Russia in 1941. [The Germans were acting in self-defense, to keep Russia from marching on Germany, which Russia was staging at their western border to do]

Russia is promising “consequences” for Trump’s attack. Russia sees the attack on Syria as an attack on a Russian satellite state. This could get globally serious real fast.

Besides, what right does Trump have to bomb a sovereign state? Syria poses absolutely NO threat to the United States–or even Israel, for that matter. Syria has not attacked the United States. There has been no declaration of war or any kind of congressional authorization for this. This attack on Syria is unconstitutional, illegal, unjust and immoral.

DONALD TRUMP IS NOT A CYRUS TO BLESS AMERICA; HE IS AN AHAB TO CURSE AMERICA. Ahab led Israel to fight an unjust war against Syria just as Trump is leading America to fight an unjust war against Syria.

If Trump has the right to attack Syria for using chemical weapons against its own people (which Syria did NOT do), then Russia had the right to attack the United States (which Russia did NOT do) when the federal government used chemical weapons to murder the Branch Davidians outside Waco, Texas (which the U.S. government DID do).

Any conservative–especially any Christian conservative–who continues to support Donald Trump at this point must be forever identified as among the most hypocritical and calloused people in all of the world. Trump’s actions are inexcusable, and so are those people who continue to support this warmongering liar.

My thoughts:
Russia isn’t ready to EMP and NUKE the USA yet, but will be in about 4 years, according to Joel Skousen. Dumitru Duduman, Henry Gruver and others have prophesied Russia and China nuking US. We have no way to stop them once they’re ready, since they’re so far advanced in missile technology, and Clinton replaced “launch on first warning” to launch after being hit.
We can only postpone the attack somewhat if we harden our electrical grid, so 90-95% of Americans would not die from being without power for a year.
It only would cost the US a few billion dollars to harden our grid, the price of one stealth bomber.
Most pastors are led by FOX News, the Talmudic war channel, instead of the HOLY Spirit.
Reverse-Christianity has destroyed US, morally and soon physically — “blessing Israel to get blessed” — a corruption of what God said to Abram in Genesis 12:3, which has nothing to do with modern day, Talmudic, anti-Christ Israel, who has a racist, world domination plan.

And regarding what Chuck said about Hitler:
In 1941, Germany was acting in self-defense, to keep Communist Russia from marching on Germany, which the USSR was staging at their western border to do. The Talmudists were dead set on destroying Germany, because they got rid of the Talmudic banksters and pornsters, and then flourished.
So the Jews declared war on Germany in 1933, before the Germans had enacted any anti-Jewish laws. The Talmudists in England plotted to make an example out of Germany, and goaded Hitler to attack Poland, so they could then destroy Germany.
Hitler tried about 2 dozen times to make peace with England, but Churchill wouldn’t even talk.
Churchill started the mass bombing of civilians in Germany, having specifically designed bombers to then murder 1 million German civilians with the USA assisting, later.
Germany had no such bombers, and only reluctantly tried to respond in kind later, which was also wrong, but the Talmudists were the aggressors, including those in the USSR, not Germany.


(vid) Really Graceful Unmasks Zionism in 10 Minutes — "Why do 'Christian' Zionists support this ethnic cleansing?"


Never put off saying: "I love you," "I'm sorry," "Thank You," "I forgive you." Tomorrow isn't promised; say them today.


  1. David Jones

    Chuck Baldwin needs to move to Syria and stand with his buddy Assad. He should become a citizen of Syria. He should go into the political arena and run for office over there for sure. His hatred toward our President is unprecedented. It seems more intense than a nuclear bomb.

    • David,
      Our president just murdered many human beings who did nothing to us. Our president is a murderer, and the evangelicals who support all of these reverse-Christian wars without repentance are murderers too, but to a lesser degree, because they didn’t actually carry it out.
      Chuck’s words are mostly true, but American Christianity has become so upside down that you see Chuck as being in the wrong.
      Only peacemakers are called the children of God, according to Jesus in Matthew 9.
      Chuck is trying to be a peacemaker, to help bring evangelicals back into their senses.
      ‘Christian’ Zionism is destroying America as we destroy others in Jesus’ name.
      Jesus wept.

  2. David Jones

    You are right. Only those who agree with Chuck are saved. All those cold blooded murderers are so evil. Maybe one day I can be as holy as you and Chuck. Jesus weeps with all this hate.

    • Are you a peacemaker?
      And I don’t hate anyone. Chuck probably doesn’t too. He’s warning the people.
      When we die and see Jesus face to Face, we need to have clean hands and pure hearts, having walked according to the Spirit, not according to the flesh. (Romans 8:1-17)

    • David,
      I think that if you were a peacemaker, you would understand where Chuck and myself are coming from, and would understand that this needs to be said.
      Jesus weeps because of the ‘Christian’ Zionists being willing to murder people in unjust war after war — which permeates evangelicalism.
      …”Christians” being led by FOX News on TalmudVision instead of the HOLY Spirit through prayer.
      “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.” – Jesus in Mt. 5:9
      We must be peacemakers to be real followers of Christ.

  3. David Jones

    I think if you think I am not a peacemaker just shows how uninformed you really are. Chuck Baldwin is full of hate and anger. His tone is telling and arrogant. Pastor? I don’t think so. In the fight he has become like the thing he is fighting. Titus 3:2

  4. David Jones

    It’s not just what he says, but how he says it. He has a deep seated problem. It is obvious to any person who is honest.

    • I stand by what I said above:

      I think that if you were a peacemaker, you would understand where Chuck and myself are coming from, and would understand that this needs to be said.

      Calling Chuck “arrogant” for what he says above is completely wrong. It’s arrogant for “Christians” to think it’s okay and even right to murder people by remote control who didn’t do anything to US in all of our reverse-Christian warmongering. And regarding Syria, Assad didn’t do anything evil to anyone.
      I just read it through again to see what he said that triggered you so. Perhaps it’s his conclusion in which he says Trump is a “warmongering liar.” You don’t want this said about your hero perhaps, who really has proven himself twice to be a warmongering liar — which can probably be rightfully said about many evangelicals now. They’re warmongering liars who refuse to repent for supporting all of our reverse-Christian, Talmudic wars that break God’s heart and are destroying not only many entire countries, but US.
      It’s time to repent.
      And it would probably help for you to research what’s really going on in these countries (which I have, and report on extensively in my ToBeFree blog), instead of believing you’re actually getting the truth from the information sources you trust.
      Also, Chuck ran for President in 2008, and he would have been an awesome one; though, the evangelicals rejected him, and voted for the proven warmonger, John McCain instead.
      Evangelicalism at this point, really stinks!
      Regarding Chuck being a pastor, he’s Baptist, and still teaches some traditional Baptist doctrines which I disagree with. He is also a lot quicker to take up arms than what I would agree with, which may indicate a lack of complete submission to Christ. I see him as not completely enough understanding what real Christianity is yet, so he’s not yet balanced as a pastor, but I agree with much of what he says about many things, including most of what he says above, to the degree that:
      I have a “Chuck Baldwin” category on my ToBeFree site, in which I have 150 posts.
      He’s a point man for straightening out some key misunderstandings in the body of Christ today, especially relating to ‘Christian’ Zionism and Talmudic Israel.

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