Jesus prayed we'd be 'ONE' with each other in Him that the world will know! (John 17)

(vid) James Perloff with the Hagmanns, who are WAKING UP!! – The Truth About Syria, *Talmudic* Israel’s Evil Role — “We should certainly not be following an agenda that is set by people who are without question Luciferians”

The early Christians were persecuted by the Talmudists. Today’s ‘Christians’ have been supporting them instead.
Jesus warned: “Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees,” their evil Talmudic, power-over-all-others thought.
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41:00 Both Hagmanns are waking up to Talmudic Israel’s evil doings — including being behind our reverse-Christian wars!
30:15 “We should be opposing evil, and we should be trying to fulfill God’s will in our lives. And that means we should be peacemakers here on earth. And we should certainly not be following an agenda that is set by people who are without question Luciferians.” – James Perloff
52:30 “It’s not coincidental. There is definitely a correlation between how well we do and how well we obey God.” – James Perloff

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James Perloff – 05/02/2018 – Truth is a Lonely Warrior

The Official Hagmann Report

Published on May 3, 2018
Author James Perloff joins us to discuss the rising tensions in Syria as Israel and Iran seem to be on the brink of war. We go over the historical and recent events in the US & Middle East and how they are moving toward a predetermined outcome.


Two Masters?


(vid) Superficial Christians — There is only one way to be a true follower of Jesus, a child of God, and that is to be led by the Holy Spirit, to walk with Jesus every day • Some people will tell you differently. They will say that God spoke through the Bible, ‘it’s all in the Bible.’ It’s not. It is about the Holy Spirit…


  1. David Jones

    Beware of the leaven of Antisemitism and those who curse Israel. They are NOT Peacemakers.

    • Real Christians love their enemies no matter who they are, obeying Jesus second greatest commandment that fulfills the law.
      Real Christians also don’t despise Jesus’ warnings about the Talmudists, and try to change the subject to deflect. They’re not afraid to also warn — as they’re hated by ‘Christians’ for telling the truth.
      Jesus would not be allowed to preach in almost all American churches today. He would be labeled anti-Semitic.
      This is one of the major reasons the revival is not happening, and America is being overrun by filth instead, led by TalmudVision instead of the Holy Spirit.

    • Truth that few ‘Christian’ Zionists realize:
      While many evangelicals are jumping through hoops trying to please Talmudic, rebellious, currently mostly-not-even-Semitic Israel, the Talmudists rate Christians as low as Muslims:
      Poll: American Jews Rate Evangelicals as Low as Muslims

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