Apostles: Repent and be baptized. Turn from your sins, but understand you will be persecuted for your faith. You may even go to prison or die for it. Also, this life is not about you focussed. Your prize is in heaven. Do not worry about having the finer things in life. Give all and follow the kingdom of God. Our Saviour showed us the example being born lowly and walking in humilty all his life even unto death.
Todays preachers: Close your eyes, bow your heads. Raise your hand to accept him. Say this quick prayer and now you’re a King’s kid. He wants you to have the best house best car, best of everything. If you suffer or in sickness you’re probably in sin or not in God’s will. We forgot to tell you Jesus suffered greatly; was born in a feeding trough and had no where to lay his head. … We also forgot to tell you the warnings the Word of God gives to those who pursue this world. Don’t worry, you wont hear hell or end-time judgment messages here. Our God is a big genie, and when you come to him he grants all your wishes.
This parody is much more real then we understand!
Minister Levesque
6/28/18 Facebook – edited by me for clarity