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Country music is deceiving many – sin sandwiched in between God, mom and apple pie • Top-40 music is almost entirely about lust

Country music is deceiving many evangelicals, because sin is sandwiched in between God, mom and apple pie.
Top-40 music is almost entirely now about lust.
Robert Lyte writes on Facebook:

The music industry is full of sin and ungodliness. Amazingly many Christians are zealously following rap artists, hip-hop, rock, and metal artists with no conscience as how these darken their souls since music is a known powerful force.


Jesus cannot be your Saviour if you do not also make him your Lord


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  1. Music is like prayer, their source must come from God:
    “…for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.” (Romans 8:26)
    In this verse we see that a true prayers that please God come from the Holy Spirit. We can be sure that what comes from heaven will not be rejected in heaven. For music, it’s the same thing, it’s inspiration must also comes from heaven, from the Holy Spirit to be accepted by God. A lot of traditional hymns have an interesting history about how they were written, how composers received their inspiration from God. Like prayer, we can say that music that has it’s source from heaven will not be rejected in heaven and will please God.
    Unfortunately, now in our “Laodicean times”, the church use worldly music, adding spiritual lyrics to them, saying that only these lyrics are important and that music is neutral, that it’s genre doesn’t matter!
    Rock music musicians acknowledge themselves obtaining their inspiration from the devil, yet people believe that this kind of music will please God! “Contemporary Christian Music” (CCM) is not better.
    But is music neutral? They says: “Music notes, do re mi fa sol la si (or C,D,E,F,G,A,B for English people) are neutral, when we combine them we just make music”!
    Alphabet letters are neutral too, but when we combine them we make words that are NOT neutral. With the letters “G”,”O” and “D” we make the word “God”, but what if we put these three letters in reverse order? That then becomes the word “dog”! If the letters are neutral, then how is it that there are good books and bad books? it’s the same with music. While book authors must learn spelling, grammar, etc. to write good books… musicians must learn harmony, counterpoint, etc to write good music.
    Unfortunately the good musicians that studied harmomy, counterpoint, music analyse, music history, orchesrtration, etc for years until they got graduated in the conservatories of music, all these true musicians have been evicted from the church, and been replaced by these people full of pride that call themselves “musicians” but never studied music seriously, that only know how to scratch four kinds of chords on their electric guitar or beat on a drum! Their singers are even worse, they don’t even know how to breath correctly and yell or cry into microphones, for without microphones they cannot “sing”!
    The truth is that now these wolves in sheep garnments false pastors / elders use these kind of demonic / wordly music because the majority of people are used to this kind of garbage, and by pleasing the majority of people (instead of pleasing God) they increase the attendance and income of their dens of thieves!

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