UPDATE: June 22nd, 2018

Mr. Bill Whatcott, a Christian activist from Alberta, has been charged by Toronto Police with “public incitement of hatred”. He surrendered peaceably June 22nd in Calgary after police had taken the unusual step of issuing a Canada-wide warrant for his arrest.

The charges against Mr. Whatcott are based on a complaint filed in 2016 related to his presence at the 2016 Gay Pride parade in Toronto. At the parade, he and several friends handed out Gospel literature with warnings about the spiritual and physical dangers of practising homosexuality.

Mr. Whatcott’s courageous group was able to distribute over 3,000 pieces of literature by disguising themselves as “gay zombies” and marching in the parade. They risked their necks and endured the hideous sights of this celebration of debauchery in order to reach men and women with life-saving, soul-saving truth.

You can view the literature Mr. Whatcott handed out, as well as photos from the parade, at the following links. WARNING: This content is very disturbing and graphic! View Tract – View Photos from Event.

Two pro-LGBT individuals tried to sue Mr. Whatcott shortly after the parade, claiming $104 million in damages for defamation against the LGBT community. However, the judge threw out the lawsuit.

It is extremely alarming that the police have now chosen to intervene and label Mr. Whatcott’s actions as a “hate crime”. This appears to be a case of real anti-Christian persecution, trampling to death our freedom of religion and freedom of speech in Canada.

Mr. Whatcott did not commit a hate crime. He did not call on people to “hate” anyone. Rather, out of love, he issued a daring Gospel call on LGBT folks to turn from their sins, repent, and be saved.

At the bottom of his literature to LGBT individuals, he wrote: “we also want to let you know there is a God who loves you, and who is real, and who has made a way for you to come to Him.” …

The Arrest of Bill Whatcott! Police Headquarters, Calgary!
Brian Ruhe
Published on Jul 25, 2018
Biill Whatcott was arrested in Calgary and flown to Toronto.
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Published on Jul 3, 2018, Video copied here with permission from Bill Whatcott.
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