A comment thread under: (lust freedom video) Sin can only be stopped this way

Cam raiD
Something about this video hit me harder than most… I am mostly good and I hope humble, compared to many around me and my parents were fiercely atheistic but very good and strong too. I love weed. I have had such a good time of the ‘world’ so far, that passages like the ‘camel and the eye of the needle’ rest on my mind. I get troubled about christian dogmatism. I abstain from weed, and things seem to go generally worse, so I then resume and things go smoother and all round better.

Do you need to be stone sober to get to know God?.. It seems like most of my deepest learnings and steps have been under the influence of weed.

Da Bawse
It’s the devil if u can’t stop doing weed it means it’s an addiction and addictions are sins

Disciple Robert
weed is 100% of the devil. People say its just a plant…yeah, but so is opium and in fact ALL such drugs are from plant sources in some form or other and yes they do indeed destroy people’s lives and enable demonic powers to rule them. No animal products cause addiction. So being just a plant is not an excuse to believing it is harmless. Alcohol is also from plants. but it also causes destruction and opens you up to being influenced by the devil. It was one of the watchers, the sons of God who fell, who taught mankind the use of plants for drugs. The other, Azazel, taught mankind warfare. God was furious with these and had them bound in chains till the day of judgment. Weed will continue to open yourself up to destructive forces of demons in your life and keep you from knowing Christ and saving yourself in his name by abiding in him.

The very first thing you need to do to save yourself from the path to hell, is to repent of all this stuff and of sin in your life before him in prayer, and ask him to forgive you, and commit your heart and life to Jesus….then your name will be in heaven, and then to go get baptised in his name and continue walking in faith in his name till the end overcoming sin through prayer and focus on him…This way, you will save your soul….

Beasley McKenzie
I read Robert’s response and agree totally. And the thing about things not going well when you stop smoking weed, and get smoother when you start again….. those are the deceptions of Satan. And the Bible says if we follow Christ, things will not be easy and we will suffer. So expect things to be hard when Christ is in your life. We will be shaped and molded, we will go through things to deepen our faith and trust in God because if we turn to Him in those times.. and we will find He is faithful, you will know and know time and time again He will be there for you to help you through all things. Don’t be fooled by Satan into thinking that when you smoke and things are good that it’ s got to be God endorsing its use.