I had a dream today, which I knew was about a Christian magazine.

I’ve never had much hope for Christianity Today, which never has been cutting edge, what God is saying. They even just wrote an article saying Trump should be impeached, at this time when there is no solid evidence.

I really did like Charisma magazine in the late ’70s to early ’80s, but then they went astray, and I finally, and sadly let my subscription run out. Instead of saying what the people needed to hear, they tried to make it fun and non-confrontational, like “positive-encouraging K-LOVE,” watering down the gospel, appealing to the “itching ears,” not even mentioning the New Testament’s required holiness, strongly pushing women leading men spiritually, and pushing many false prophets like these:

“My 7 Years Working for The Elijah List” — Ear-tickling messages coddling people into deceptive slumber: Positive-encouraging-words-only philosophy; the misinterpretation of Matt. 7:1-5 (not judging); the misuse of the term ‘Grace’ …. The end result of prophecy should be God’s people repenting.

In my dream, today, I saw a Christian magazine having disjointed parts of articles scattered. Then I saw one cohesive article.

This can’t be about writing style, because today’s articles work compositionally. It must mean that a Christian magazine is going to get their act together by speaking the truth. And this is what I thought after seeing the dream.

We should pray for Christian magazines to tell the truth no matter what, instead of trying to appeal to what they think people want to hear.

Stephen Strang is still the editor of Charisma. I would love to see them get back on track!