Jan posted this video 2 days before he died.

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Jan 18, 2020


In Matthew 22 Jesus tells a parable
about a king who prepared a feast meal
for the wedding of his son but the
invited guests had other things that
were more important, they did not want to
come to the wedding.

So he sent his servants out into the
street to go and invite whomever would
come to the feast meal. When this King came
to see the guests He found there one who
did not have wedding clothes on and He
commanded His servants to take this
person and throw him out into outer
darkness where there would be pain and
gnashing of teeth. That is what will
happen to many of modern day Christians
they have no holiness and no
righteousness. They do not have wedding
clothes on. Dear friends, do we have
wedding clothes on? Are we prepared for
the wedding feast of the Lamb. May Jesus
bless you.

Jesus Christ is alive and hell is real
I am here to introduce you to Jesus
Christ so that you can know Him and
follow Him and have eternal life.
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