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The pioneers gathered!

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First Love – A Historic Gathering of Jesus Music Pioneers Trailer HD

Feb 4, 2016


Available at Exploration Films    goo.gl/epHPzg

First Love examines the life and music of the people who birthed the sounds of a revolution that swept American culture. It became know as the Jesus Movement. For three historic days, these artists gathered for the first time in a mountain retreat in Southern California.

First Love Volumes I & II captures almost 4 hours of each of their incredible live performances and reveals a rare look a the heart and motives of each artist as they describe in intimate detail the drama of their personal transformation.

With performances by:

• Randy Matthews

• Barry McGuire

• Annie Herring

• Chuck Girard

• Matthew Ward

• John Fischer

• Andrae Crouch

• Jamie Owens Collins

• 2nd Chapter of Acts

• Terry Clark

• Keith Green tribute with Melody Green

• Randy Stonehill

• Love Song

• Paul Clark

• Darrell Mansfield

• Honeytree

“We didn’t know very much. We were naive. All we knew was we were blind, now we see. And that was enough.” – Love Song