Eternal Call


Brothers and sisters, believing in Jesus is not enough to be saved. Make no mistake about that. I know MANY people who claim they are “Christian”, claim they believe in Jesus, yet they have nothing to do with Jesus, they don’t even know His words MUCH LESS KNOW HIM personally.

Being labeled as a “Christian” will not save anyone. I promise any person that if WE DON’T TRULY REPENT, if we don’t turn away from our lives and if we don’t ACTIVELY follow Jesus Christ and OBEY His words, we will NOT BE SAVED. Don’t let anyone deceive you.

Jesus Christ said to STRIVE HARD to enter the narrow gate because MANY will TRY and will NOT BE ABLE. Do we TRULY believe these words? Do we believe that ((((((( AMONG THOSE WHO TRY )))))) NOT MANY will be saved?

This is not my theology brothers and sisters, this is what JESUS Himself said to HIS OWN DISCIPLES, TRUE BELIEVERS. He told them to STRIVE HARD. Does that sound easy? Does that sound like ALL WE NEED TO DO is believe?

Jesus also said to COUNT THE COST. If all we have to do is believe, then what is the cost? If all we have to do is believe INSIDE, then there is no cost to pay.

Jesus payed the PRICE for us to have a WAY BACK. But we also have to pay a price and COUNT THE COST. If we just want to live our lives here, like the world, enjoying the things of the world, fitting with friends who enjoy worldliness, that means we are not paying any price. We need to do our part to ENTER INTO HIS REST and STAY THERE.

Many Christian believers think it is a game, they think I am exaggerating. That is because they DON’T BELIEVE IN JESUS, they just want to use Him but they don’t love Him, they don’t read His words, they don’t want to TRULY FOLLOW HIM. They are AFRAID of taking that TRUE step to follow Jesus, because they don’t want to be rejected by the world even though they know that the world is a mess. These are the most pitiful.

Dear brothers and sisters, I am not here to teach you, I am here as a witness and a parrot who will repeat what Jesus Himself said. I am just a sinner who was saved from His sins. I abide in the RIGHTEOUSNESS OF CHRIST.

I ask you today if you will keep RESISTING.

– Will you RISK your eternal life?

– Will you RISK the eternity of your family and CHILDREN? Yes we are responsible for them.

– Will you keep following after the world and the things of the world?

– Will you ignore Jesus and His words because you think you have it good here with your wealth, job, career, friends or whatever makes you so proud?


COME TO JESUS TODAY. Don’t DELAY. Eternity is a breath away.

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May God bless you