“No fruit of the Spirit, you’re gone.”

“Joy is the juice.”

35:15 “You could listen to umpteen sermons on the baptism of the Holy Ghost on Christian TV, radio, what have you, you would never hear them say that the primary purpose is to cleanse your heart from inbred sin. It’s gone from the baptism *with the Holy Ghost*, which relates directly to Luke 3 and the cleansing of the fire, of the burning away of the chaff, which is our carnal nature, and now it’s about speaking in tongues. I’m not against speaking in tongues, but….” – David Corrico

39:40 “When you ignore the cleansing of the heart and just go into experience, it’s real easy to see why things are going so wrong in such a huge way in the Pentecostal world.” – David Corrico

There Is A Higher Life: The Vine And The Branches w/David Carrico S3:EP8

Sep 23, 2020



Welcome to “The Doctrine of Christ” teaching series. Each episode will thoroughly dissect each doctrine of Jesus Christ, one at a time. Your hosts are David Carrico of FOJC Radio and Jimmy Cooper of Jimivision Media.

“Whether you know it or not, the Doctrine of Christ is the most important thing in your life.” David Carrico

There Is A higher Life: The Vine And The Branches  w/David Carrico S3:EP8

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