Eternal Call


Jesus said: “Be PERFECT as your Father is PERFECT”. He gave the standard of perfection, God HIMSELF is that standard so that we have reference. So now, we know what we should aim for, nothing short of perfection and holiness. A light with no darkness, a garment with no spot nor blemish.

Yet many of us struggle with that saying of Jesus because we KNOW we can’t be perfect, not here, not on this earth. Yet He SAID IT. Did He truly mean it? Is Jesus saying we can truly be perfect? Is He saying we should try? Is He exaggerating or suggesting?

Jesus said: “STRIVE HARD”. We should be striving hard for perfection dear brothers. Many will try to enter the Kingdom and will not be able. Does that mean we can ever become perfect? By ourselves, NEVER. But we can STRIVE to deny ourselves so that we can have GOD LIVING IN US and since He is PERFECT and HOLY, we will become perfected, moving from glory to glory. Do we believe that?

Jesus said that the branch IN HIM will be PRUNED. It will become better and better, sanctified, ready for the Master’s use. It will produce more fruit because of the hand of God always working on it and pruning it. It hurts to be pruned but it is NECESSARY for the advancement of the Kingdom. We can try to resist it to our own demise and at our own risk and peril. But it takes that humility, that brokenness to let ourselves go and allow God to make us who He desires for us to be.

The perfection that we become is ONLY BECAUSE OF HIM. When we are humble, when we let ourselves be broken, shaped and pruned, then we will get the Holy Spirit in a great measure and then we will LIVE THE PERFECTION, RIGHTEOUSNESS AND HOLINESS that only come from God Himself. It will always be because of Him in us and never us alone. We only need to have our will engaged in the process of yielding to Him, He will help us overcome, He will help us be who He wants us to be.

Without Jesus we can do NOTHING. Even if we think we are becoming better or perfect, if that didn’t have its origin IN God, then we would boast and then we would be guilty of the biggest sin: PRIDE. That will make us fall as fast as the most beautiful angel fell who dared look at his own beauty out of pride.

So no brothers, by ourselves we cannot be perfect but IN HIM, we can be ((( COUNTED ))) perfect, because of HIS PERFECTION LIVING IN AND THROUGH US.

Dear brother,

– Do you believe in these words of Christ?

– Do you want to be perfect as the Father is perfect?

– Will you be humble and broken enough to be pruned by God?

– Will you allow the Spirit in you to make you who God wants you to be?

– Will you yield to the PERFECTION of God?

– Will you let the Holy Spirit PERFECT YOU into a TRUE CHILD OF GOD?

And may God bless you!