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Is Jesus Real? – Non-biblical Evidence of His Existence

Dec 28, 2010

This video references the following website: http://www.thedevineevidence.com/jesu… This video is a presentation of the evidence for the existence of Jesus. It uses only non- biblical sources and goes through the skeptical arguments for each claim. It will be surprising for some to see how much evidence for the historicity of Jesus there actually is, in fact there is more evidence for Jesus’ existence, as you will see, than there is for most of the prominent figures in ancient history. *Warning* Watching this video will take away your ability to claim honestly that Jesus was a myth. From Chris White http://nowheretorun.podomatic.com chris@conspiracyclothes.com

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“Virtually all modern scholars of antiquity agree that Jesus existed, & most biblical scholars & classical historians see the theories of his non-existence as effectively refuted.”

“Although a few scholars have questioned the existence of Jesus as an actual historical figure, many scholars involved with historical Jesus research believe his existence, but not the supernatural claims associated with him, can be established using documentary & other evidence.”

Although a very small number of modern scholars argue that Jesus never existed, that view is a distinct minority & most scholars consider theories that Jesus’ existence was a Christian invention as implausible.


“almost all modern scholars consider his baptism & crucifixion to be historical facts.” 

^Islam is a lie[.]  The Koran denies Jesus died on the cross.


“, James Dunn stating that these “two facts in the life of Jesus command almost universal assent”. Dunn states that these two facts “rank so high on the ‘almost impossible to doubt or deny’ scale of historical facts” that they are often the starting points for the study of the historical Jesus. Bart Ehrman states that the crucifixion of Jesus on the orders of Pontius Pilate is the most certain element about him. John Dominic Crossan states that the crucifixion of Jesus is as certain as any historical fact can be.”

Over 300 Prophecies from The Hebrew Scriptures Reveal Messiah



Traditional views assume that the bulk of New Testament texts date to the period between 45 CE & AD 100 CE, with the Pauline epistles among the earliest texts. Other views may pre- or post-date the individual books by several decades.


Parts of the New Testament have been preserved in more manuscripts than any other ancient work, having over 5,800 complete or fragmented Greek manuscripts, 10,000 Latin manuscripts & 9,300 manuscripts in various other ancient languages including Syriac, Slavic, Gothic, Ethiopic, Coptic & Armenian. The dates of these manuscripts range from c. 125 (the John Ryland’s manuscript, P52; oldest copy of John fragments) to the introduction of printing in Germany in the 15th century.


Have Scholars Discovered the Oldest Manuscript of the New Testament? (2/21/12)


Yes, according to Dr. Daniel Wallace. He has recently revealed what he believes to be a manuscript of the Gospel of Mark that comes from the first century A.D.

Bible Lessons


  Can We Trust The Bible Written 2000 Years Ago? Dr. William Lane Craig

“we have far more information about Jesus than we do for most major figures of antiquity.” – William Lane Craig

  I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist (Frank Turek):

Is The New Testament True? (6 reasons detailed)

— The Council Of Nicea Myth Debunked


A number of erroneous views have been stated regarding the council’s role in establishing the biblical canon. In fact, there is no record of any discussion of the biblical canon at the council at all.

— Atheism is a faith

— 50 Proofs God Is Real

— The Anthropic Principle – Fine Tuning Of The Universe – Michael Strauss PhD.

— Creator God’s Precise Fine-tuning Of The Universe Shows Design


Zeitgeist Exposed, Debunked, & Refuted


The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict


The Evidence for the Existence of Jesus




In this documentary we will examine 1st & 2nd century sources which verify Jesus as an actual man of history (not a compilation of pagan myths as some critics

allege). Each of the following sections offer their own advantages: the non-Christian sources are important as they had nothing to gain by their

admissions. On the other hand, the Christian witness had everything to lose-

many paying for their testimony with their lives.

movie sections

1)Secular Sources (Documentary)

2)Secular (Commentary)

3)Jewish (Non-Xtian)

4)Extra-Biblical (Xtan)

5)Answering Common Skeptic ?s About His existence