Too soon to tell what the longterm effects will be. Certainly, some have been injured. Very interesting!

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“The talk I’ve been doing around the country is the spiritual ramifications of the Covid shot. And that’s really heavy on my heart. … I really believe that there are strong ramifications to what this Covid shot does to our genetics as a genetic modification technology, that our God given genes…. These Covid shots are actually going in and snipping these sulfide bonds, and removing Yahweh from our genes. When you do all the spiritual, Biblical texts that say ‘our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit,’ and we volunteered to contaminate it. … I think that those people who’ve taken the shot, and look at all the ramifications, it’s going to become a spiritual revival…. People need to get back to God.

They got vaccinated for one of two reasons, either out of fear or convenience. Now fear, they should have taken to the Lord in prayer…. Or for convenience….

Are you familiar with VAERS database [incredible number of deaths and adverse reactions from the vaccine]…. I believe that when people start seeing that that they really need to [realize that] they chose poorly. And that choice has led to serious complications, and it should lead them back to God.”

– Sherry Tenpenny @ 58:50

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Vaccines: Unfiltered, Uncensored, and In-Depth with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

January 21, 2022  64 min

If you’ve ever had a question about vaccines—even those outside of the COVID-19 jab, then THIS is the only episode you need in order get you educated and ready to fight for bodily autonomy in the face of medical tyranny. Dr. Tenpenny goes through and offers her view on the science surrounding natural immunity against measles, polio, mumps, and rubella, delivering engaging and in-depth analysis of their potential side affects and what life would look like without them.