Campaign volunteer: Here’s why Anchorage is full of ‘woke progressives’

By Peter Knox
Apr 13th 2022


The candidate I supported in the Anchorage election – the candidate for whom I volunteered and for whom I voted, Stephanie Taylor, is behind to incumbent Anchorage Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar as I write this. A similar story is playing out in other elections across the city. Vote returns are depressing, and the Assembly appears likely to remain stocked with woke progressive liberals.

How has this happened? Why weren’t more of these campaigns to unseat the progressives successful?

Did the campaigns need just a few more volunteers? Did we need to make a few more phone calls or knock on a few more doors? Did our get-out-the-vote effort target the wrong voters? Were our candidates just not compelling enough? Was our messaging out-of-touch?

Honestly – if indeed our candidates come in second, if the Assembly remains in woke-progressive-liberal hands – I don’t think any of the above can be identified as the cause of failure. The problem is not with us (candidates, volunteers, support staff, analysts). The problem lies with the voter.

More accurately, the problem is with the voting public. We can hardly expect the voting public to vote like Christians when they don’t live as Christians. We can hardly expect the voting public to make use of Gospel values in their voting decisions when they don’t make use of Gospel values in their day to day lives.

In a word, if you want the municipality to vote Christian, the denizens of the municipality need to be Christian.

The challenge then is much deeper than working hard for two months every two years to get the vote out. The challenge is deeper than finding the right candidate.

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