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Excerpt from “The Ministry of an Assisting Pastor” by Larry Taylor (1994), Calvary Chapel’s primer for Assisting Pastors

(Note: Larry Taylor has since repented of the this book and it’s contents and left CC)

7. Never Gossip

Gossip is a sin that most of us feel we are not guilty of, and which most of us are very guilty of. Gossip may be defined as saying anything negative, whether true or not, to anyone about the pastor or about the ministry. If there are things wrong, take it to the Lord in prayer. Tell absolutely no one, including your spouse. Do not repeat anything that would cast aspersion on the ministry in any way. Doing so dishonors Christ and His cause.

But, you say, what do you do if there are real problems? Pray about them and forget them. If that doesn’t work, take your concerns directly and only to the pastor himself, and share with him honestly. If that doesn’t work, resign, and move on. Under no circumstances should you ever say anything negative about the pastor or the ministry to anyone, even after you’ve quit.

In a situation where something in the church is so completely wrong that the sheep in the body are in spiritual danger, then say nothing to anybody, resign, and move on. If the church is a Calvary Chapel affiliate, then take your concerns and share them privately with Pastor Chuck or with Oden Fong, then drop it; leave it alone. Let them handle it. Trust God. He’ll correct the situation. But do not gossip. It is a terrible sin before God.

8. Defend the Pastor and the Ministry from All Negative Talk, Gossip, Slander, and Anything that would Undermine God’s Work

Anything that would hinder or cast aspersion on the ministry will adversely affect the work of the Holy Spirit in your town. Therefore, defend the ministry. When you hear anything even slightly negative about the pastor or about the ministry, intervene, correct it, and stop it. …