December 27, 2023

The International House of Prayer in Kansas City has cut ties with its founder, Mike Bickle, after receiving new information related to allegations of clergy abuse against him.

In a video announcement posted online Friday, IHOPKC spokesperson Eric Volz said the ministry will permanently part ways with Bickle, who founded the 24/7 prayer ministry in 1999.

“Since taking over management of the crisis, the executive committee has received new information to now confirm a level of inappropriate behavior on the part of Mike Bickle that requires IHOPKC to immediately, formally, permanently separate from him,” Volz said. …

In early November, Greaves released a statement saying that while the advocate group presented allegations involving eight women, only one allegation involving a woman from 26 years ago had credibility.

Later in November, the ministry released a four-page report saying that the evidence presented against Bickle was lacking. The ministry was able to identify five of eight women who were alleged victims, three of whom called the allegations “lies,” and one refused to communicate with IHOPKC attorneys.

The one case deemed credible predated IHOPKC’s founding. That allegation involved a woman who went public with her allegations in early December. The woman said Bickle wooed her with Scripture when she was 19, and he was 42, and paid for her apartment and engaged in a variety of sexual acts with her except intercourse.


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