Editor’s Note: My father recently shared his insights on the scandal at IHOPKC involving Mike Bickle here. In his account, he referenced an email that he characterized as manipulative from Bickle. The email suggested removing a chapter about Paul Cain from the latest edition of his book, now retitled “Why I’m Still Surprised By the Voice of God.” Despite Bickle’s objections, the chapter remained in the book, albeit with revisions. The revisions were not solely based on Bickle’s objections, but also on others’ input. Due to readers requests’, my dad granted me permission to publish the 2022 original draft that prompted Bickle to raise concerns about his chapter devoted to Paul Cain. The draft chapter was penned at least two years before the latest disclosures about Bickle’s clergy sexual abuse scandal. Given recent events, my dad’s perspective on what transpired more than 20 years ago with Paul is still evolving. From what I understand, Bickle introduced my father to Paul Cain, a connection that led to profound harm to our family. Nevertheless, this draft chapter also acknowledges a prayer my dad learned from Bickle that he believes helped liberate him from Paul’s influence. — Stephen Deere

True Prophets, Carnal Prophets, and False Prophets, originally written for: “Why I’m Still Surprised by the Voice of God”

An Unpublished Draft Chapter

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