In a world of faith and flashy lights, megachurches and their pastors sometimes come with mega-drama… In Pastor Paula White’s world, alleged marital affairs, bankrupting churches, and using church money to pay for plastic surgery aren’t unheard of. As a young girl who lived in a trailer and became a young married mother, she grew up to become a preacher after an affair with the associate-pastor of her church (and not before they ran off together to start their own church). She went on to lead a congregation of 22,000, became a multimillionaire, hosted a Christian TV show, owned a private jet and an 8,000 sqft. beach-front home. But no matter how high she climbed, betrayal, greed, and multiple scandals have followed Paula her entire career and three marriages. This is the scandalous story and luxurious lifestyle of Pastor Paula White.

Video Chapters:
0:00 Intro
2:26 The Come Up
12:09 Revisionist History
40:08 Church and State
1:11:20 Pet Palate Cleanser