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How the Church has Emasculated Men | What is a Man?

But first, what is a man?
I’m just now finishing reading (taking my time as it is so rich!) possibly the greatest book ever written on what a real man is: “The Character of a Man: Reflecting the Image of Jesus,” by Bruce Marchiano—who played Jesus in the wonderful: The Visual Bible: Matthew! I highly recommend this book.
Also, here is God’s perspective on the ‘John Wayne’ mentality, that is part of what is destroying the church and America: Now is the Time to Get Ready, Full of Me.


From: No Apologies

Have you ever wondered why Christian men are so emasculated? Or why most normal red-blooded men find it absolutely impossible to relate to today’s clergy?
You’re not alone.
I use to think the problem was me; that I was old fashioned – at least that’s what I was told.
But then I had an epiphany.

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Pastor Baldwin: Government Cannot Do Church’s Job

One thing that Christians should come to terms with is the truism that government cannot do the church’s job. Not in any shape, manner, or form. Yet, by the way many Christians and pastors behave these days, one gets the impression that they don’t really understand this truth. Instead, it seems that many Christians and ministers see the government–especially the federal government–as an extension of the church
….many Christians and ministers today have developed the attitude that somehow the federal government is supposed to enforce by law what only the Spirit of God can enforce through grace. Let’s be plain: the federal government cannot do the church’s job….Here is the problem: our pastors have become spiritual pantywaists and our churches have become spiritual playgrounds. Pastors and churches have sold their souls to success-driven “ministry.” We want big attendances, big offerings, big family life centers, big youth departments, big Sunday Schools, and big-name people on our membership rolls. And we will do whatever it takes to achieve it.
And most of the time, in order to accommodate our overwhelming desire to be a “big success,” pastors and churches will soften the message to the point that the average Sunday sermon is little more than a glorified “how-to-get-rich,” or “how-to-be-happy,” or “how-to-avoid-guilt,” ad infinitum, ad nauseum, pep-talk. Words such as “sinner,” “Hell,” “judgment,” “retribution,” and “repentance” have been permanently removed from the vocabulary of the average pastor. The plain, powerful, old-fashioned Gospel has been replaced with sloppy, mushy, offend-no-one sermonettes that could not bring Holy Spirit conviction if one even wanted it–which hardly anyone does.

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