From: Revival School, Mar 15, 2008

I was originally going to entitle this “God is Sending us Home”, because it is certain that our beloved homeland of New Zealand is our first stop. But as I said a week ago, the call to Africa and the Third World is very strong, and I do not know how much longer God will even have us remain in the West.
We have been pondering and praying over this move home for a long time. We have lived in the USA for over 4 years and we know that God brought us here for a purpose, so we have certainly not been in any hurry to leave. In fact, we thought we would be staying. But on my most recent ministry trip to the Midwest, I finally received a very strong and definite confirmation that we are to return “Down Under”. So, dear friends, we depart in a matter of days. …
I remember just before my first trip to America in 2003, God actually gave me a message while I SLEPT – which had never happened before. It was about the “windows of Revival” which open in America roughly every 50 years – and how disastrous it would be if America “missed her next window”. When I awoke I went and checked the history books – and there it was! – A 50-year cycle of Awakenings in America – going back 250 years. And they were due for the next one right then! How disastrous it would be if they missed it. And so, on my first trips to America, that is just what I preached. -A very serious and urgent warning that I believe came directly from God Himself.
And now here I am five years later, called by God to leave one of the nations in the world that I have loved the most. We came here longing to see America come into her next Awakening, but now we leave wondering what on earth is going to happen. For years we spent our time urging the people to PRAY, exhorting the preachers to return to a piercing message of holiness and Repentance. My friends, has it all been in vain?

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