Jesus prayed we'd be 'ONE' with each other in Him that the world will know! (John 17)

Andrew Strom is Leaving Us—Not Having Seen the Revival Come

From: Revival School, Mar 15, 2008

I was originally going to entitle this “God is Sending us Home”, because it is certain that our beloved homeland of New Zealand is our first stop. But as I said a week ago, the call to Africa and the Third World is very strong, and I do not know how much longer God will even have us remain in the West.
We have been pondering and praying over this move home for a long time. We have lived in the USA for over 4 years and we know that God brought us here for a purpose, so we have certainly not been in any hurry to leave. In fact, we thought we would be staying. But on my most recent ministry trip to the Midwest, I finally received a very strong and definite confirmation that we are to return “Down Under”. So, dear friends, we depart in a matter of days. …
I remember just before my first trip to America in 2003, God actually gave me a message while I SLEPT – which had never happened before. It was about the “windows of Revival” which open in America roughly every 50 years – and how disastrous it would be if America “missed her next window”. When I awoke I went and checked the history books – and there it was! – A 50-year cycle of Awakenings in America – going back 250 years. And they were due for the next one right then! How disastrous it would be if they missed it. And so, on my first trips to America, that is just what I preached. -A very serious and urgent warning that I believe came directly from God Himself.
And now here I am five years later, called by God to leave one of the nations in the world that I have loved the most. We came here longing to see America come into her next Awakening, but now we leave wondering what on earth is going to happen. For years we spent our time urging the people to PRAY, exhorting the preachers to return to a piercing message of holiness and Repentance. My friends, has it all been in vain?

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Are you Jeff? I have a question, that I hope you can answer. I recently began calling in to a Phone-Conference-Prayer-Meeting, that is part of Brother Andrew Strom’s Ministry, “Revival School”. Until just last week, when he returned home to New Zealand, he had been the moderator of this meeting each week.
    Someone in the prayer meeting told me, that brother Andrew Strom is the “Brother Andrew”, that is known for smuggling bibles.
    Sir, can you tell me if this is true. I was so surprised to learn this.
    I was telling my friend about the prayer meeting and Brother Andrew. She said, that she and her husband support his ministry. She named the ministry, as Open Doors USA.
    My friend and I are wondering about this. Could you shed some light on the subject? We look forward to your answer to my comment. Thank you.
    In Jesus Name,

  2. tobefree

    Judy, shows that Brother Andrew is quite different from Andrew Strom.
    Thanks for reading.

  3. I thought the same thing…. but there is no comparison between the two. Let me say no more- nice sight bless you!

  4. Late Night Lisa

    Doesn’t he realize the revival did come? It’s just not the one he was envisioning-it’s the Lakeland False Revival he’s now written a book about.
    It’s like the Jews looking for Jesus as coming as a “King” but they found Him as a “Commoner” and would not recognize Him because it’s not what they wanted to see.

  5. Jeff Fenske

    I imagine that many good things are happening at Lakeland—but along with the mixture—because ONE isn’t happening yet: Jesus’ heartcry for us to be ONE
    “Then the world will know….” (John 17)
    There is so much sin in the camp right now that it appears that most American ‘Christians’ (including pastors, sadly) are living too much in Paul’s first list in Galatians 5: those who “will not inherit the kingdom of God” And these ‘revivals’ aren’t changing the equation much.
    We need repentance, not repeatance. We need to be free! For example, the Asbury revival had repentance as its theme, but it didn’t last. Why? I think the problem is mainly doctrinal, with once-saved-always-saved (OSAS) being the #1 deception.
    And when there is hate and anger within the church, and Paul’s Galatians-5-first-list sins, there are demons in the mix, actually within born-again believers. They have a right to be there: Eph. 4:27, Mt.-18-‘tormentors.’ And we have yuck. The key is repentance, not fluff.
    In most of America, being right with God and right with our neighbor isn’t required to be a going-to-heaven Christian. And God “resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” The upside is that when we get right with one another and right with God, our cistern will then be able to hold the water that God wants to saturate us with.
    He’ll run to us, but we must first repent to Him, while getting right with others:
    That’s REVIVAL!
    Then the world will know. They’ll see God in us—the outpouring of His Spirit to the max!
    And this time it can last—when we teach what the Bible really says—finally.
    ONE can happen!
    Jeff Fenske : )

  6. Keep a good work man!,

  7. It is healthy, I shall come on your site more often, thank.,

  8. Sad to say that New Zealand isnt interested in a revival fullstop.
    The population of Christians that are here love playing church, and revival will not happen in the churches.
    Unfortunately all the intercessors are in church too.
    The old wineskin will not and cannot hold a revival.
    My husband and I have been running revival conferences in Hamilton and throughout the wWaikato, and to no avail.
    The people are too scared to go to anything remotely spiritual thats not within their church walls.
    To have a true revival would stir up alot of hate with the pastors who own the spiritual sheep because their pile of money they gather weekly would dissapear in a hurry.
    If there are any prophets apostles, who are hungry for a true gut wrenching revival based on prayer, intercession, repentance through the holy spirit of God in the Waikato let us know

  9. Jeff Fenske

    It’s interesting that you mention pastors hating:

    “To have a true revival would stir up alot of hate with the pastors….”

    Unfortunately, you are so right. I’ve had NO HATE license plates on my car for 14 years because I had discovered that this was going on at the ‘Christian’ leadership level, big-time, and this needs to be exposed and overcome in order for real revival to happen.
    These so-called ‘pastors’ will even pray against (James-3 curse) true revivalists.
    It’s crucial that we don’t curse back, but we can pray for them in our prayer language whatever God determines to pray through us.
    And we can also pray that God will deal with them according to what they have done and are doing [Psalm 28 and 25 are particularly interesting in this regard]. For only He knows what is appropriate. It’s His job to avenge.
    These reverse-pastors are in big trouble eternally! Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way They’ve hurt so many. May they wake up before it’s too late.
    If you are interested, I have many posts about this kind of thing on this site. See especially the category in the pull-down menu on the top-right.
    The old wineskin fights the revival, actively!

    Pray, pray, pray, not holding their sin against them in our hearts. “For in the same way they persecuted the prophets….” Matthew 5:10-12

    Blessed are those who have been persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.
    “Blessed are you when people reproach you, persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely, for my sake. 12 Rejoice, and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven. For that is how they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

    May ‘ONE’ happen as we love our enemies, even if our enemies are mainly inside the ‘church!’

    Jeff Fenske

  10. johnnyl

    Well, the revival may not have happened in a big way, but I will soon be repenting, be baptized and receiving the Holy Spirit. I will be following scripture. All my life I have had an inner craving to be baptized, mainly from reading Scripture, getting stronger as I aged. “Church” never put much energy into the importance of this. I went to my then “reliable experts”, my sister and brother-in-law who had taken a typical class on preaching and were “allowed” to preach accordingly. I was told baptism is only symbolic. So, on I went thinking all was OK, and kept on doing the same things in my life, wondering why I just didn’t quite “get it”, why was everything the same as before, no matter how much Scripture I read, everything was dull in my life, the same mistakes happened all the time. Yet, the calling was in me, I knew something was wrong. A friend of mine, someone that will soon be going to Israel quietly handed me some stapled papers, ‘The Secrets Of The Early Church’. I read and studied it for days, comparing Scripture to its claims. Now, I believe “The Something” in me, calling me to baptism is absolutely right and I believe “that Something” is The Holy Spirit, coaxing me along. In my life, I should have been killed many times, yet “Something” kept me alive. I often wondered why, what for, now I think I know the reason, simply to be saved. So, maybe the revival is happening, just smaller, slower, at least with me. Thank you

  11. Jeff Fenske

    What you say reminds me of a bumper sticker I had on my car about 25 years ago:
    “No Jesus, No Peace
    Know Jesus, Know Peace”
    May you know Him, experientially, forever!
    jeff : )

  12. Allen


    • Well, Allen… I have nothing to say about Andrew Strom, but he did hesitate in his letter to say names. But, if false teachers do arise, shouldn’t we warn folks of them? We do not want to further deception.
      You are talking about him smearing folks, but your comment was incredibly negative and downright judgmental.
      God bless you, brother.

      • Watchman Warning

        Mr Sung,
        You are ignorant of the facts.This Strom clown left a long list of Ministries with their names that he has decided to black ball.He runs from America because he can’t deliver what he claims others do not have. He likes to give the finger(See Isa.58).I am glad you reacted to my factual comments.It confirms the cry baby
        dispositions of those who cannot eat what they serve.See how the truth exposes the self appointed sheriffs in the body of Christ? The blind lead the blind and they both fall into the ditch.Mr. Strom lives in the ditch.I see you have joined him.Strom is a coward who hides behind his computer.I am positive that Strom is lost in his own self importance.The joy of my negative message which sustains those who were stained by Strom’s useless tactics is refreshing to those who want the truth.

        • megagenius

          That has nothing to do with the bitter root judgements from the Strom one string guitar, out of tune, uncertain sound strummer. What a bummer.

      • Apostle Paul, named false teachers, as well as early church writers like Iraneas and Origen, and Polycarp. Early Church had to name Gnostic heresy in which much of Charismania is roooted in.

  13. Jerry Odonnell

    Food for thought…..
    Here is the deal with revival. Do we want one?, and if so will we pay
    the price to BIRTH it?
    Is it Gods will at this point? and should it be in the OLD structure
    CALLED CHURCH? or should it be free from the control of man and in a
    new KINGDOM order and birthed somewhere else like in the WILDERNESS?.
    Just a thought…….What if God dosent want revival in a building
    callled church?. After all, the church is the people and not the
    building or religious organisation…
    Its like this, Jesus gave us a Picture of a radical High level
    Spiritual Transfiguration. He could only take Peter, James and John UP
    to a very high Mountain, and the other nine apostles were too busy in
    church and ministry. Sadly enough only Jesus Changed and the other
    three had not. He had followed him step by step but they fell asleep
    instead of making a radical change and so they came down the mountain
    They hadnt changed but Jesus had…..they had no exchange of garments
    but Jesus did. He was white and radiant because of an inward work.
    Is our church system asleep??????????
    Can the organised church system ever change…I say no!!!!!!!
    Believe me the Body of CHRIST will get a divine exchange at the top of the mountain (Not organised church) but not like revivals of OLD. Remember Joseph being sold into slavery and then into prison?, afterwards only was he then exaulted to the Kings palace.
    When Joseph finally saw his brothers after years of hell sold him into
    slavery, he wept on them with many tears, but do you know why? ….He wept many tears because they did not change of what they did.
    No change of heart….very sad.
    we can have a million churches with revival, but do we really want to
    revive the old structure? or do we need a renewal of a new kingdom

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