Jesus prayed we'd be 'ONE' with each other in Him that the world will know! (John 17)

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Wes Hall: IHOPU Awakening Testimony — "I was leading that first class … We had some SKEPTICS who came in … I WAS ONE of them" — "THAT RIVER that flows from the throne"

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

I tried to get a hold of the worship leader to come and lead us in a worship song, because, you know, when we worship Jesus the flesh kind of dies down. But what happened:

We began worshiping Jesus and His activity intensified!

[youtube=]IHOP Awakening Wes Hall Testimony

The Lord showed up at our classes at IHOPU, and began releasing His joy, began releasing a fresh window of His presence and setting many of our students free from chains of self-hatred and shame, and encountering those who never encountered the love of the Father in a real meaningful way. The love of the Father was a concept, but now it has become a reality.

And we had some skeptics who came in. In fact, I was one of them. I was leading that first class, and things started getting a little bit crazy in the class — and I’m the provost of the university. And I was holding onto this podium and I couldn’t stand up. I was pinned to the floor.

And the class was going crazy. There were some of the most sensible students rolling on the floor, laughing for about an hour and a half.

And I thought, you know what, this has got to be mostly the flesh and a little bit the Holy Spirit.

And so I tried to get a hold of the worship leader to come and lead us in a worship song, because, you know, when we worship Jesus the flesh kind of dies down. But what happened: we began worshiping Jesus and His activity intensified.

I was like, ‘okay, You’re doing something unique here.’ And so the Lord began touching some of us who pride ourselves on being sedate and in our right mind for the gospel.”

Ezekiel 47 speaks of the River that flows from the throne of God. And it says it’s a River of Life, and it’s a river that brings life and it brings healing wherever it goes. The Lord says I’m releasing My Holy Spirit. I’m releasing that River that flows from the throne of God. It starts at the throne of God.

And the Holy Spirit is not a thing. He’s a person. He is God. And He’s pictured as a river, but it doesn’t mean you can scoop Him or do backstroke in Him — because He is God.

But He comes like a river to bring life to the barren areas of our hearts. And He’s come because He wants to flow like a river, not just in us, but through us. But until we encounter the life of the Spirit in our inner man, that River is like damned up. It comes into us but it never flows through us.

And if you study Ezekiel 47, you will see that that river flows from the throne, and it ends up in the sea. And it brings life to the sea. And in the sea is suddenly a multitude of fish.

The Lord says that I want that River of Life to flow in you, to break down every barrier to My love, to break down every barrier to you being who I created you to be.

We have testimony after testimony after testimony of how the Lord has released His life in new ways. In an instant, deliverance from demonic affliction; in an instant, deliverance from years of addiction, same-sex attraction; deliverance in an instant from eating disorders, self-hatred, shame — things that have taken years years of counseling. In an instant, the Holy Spirit has come with His power and set people free and set hearts free.

And sometimes when the Holy Spirit touches us, He reacts in a funny way with our bodies….”

— Wes Hall, Provost of IHOPU


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A Biblical altar call = Wes Hall: Do you want to be free from that heavy yoke? The way out of that prison is by making Jesus Lord: "I am going to follow Him instead of follow my own ways for the rest of my life."

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

“I just felt like there are some here. You are under that dark cloud. You are under that heavy yoke. But you don’t actually know Jesus. You’ve never said, ‘Yes’ to Jesus.

Do you want to be free from that yoke? You can be, but only in Jesus. It is the power of His blood of what He did on the cross, when He died and rose again. When He died, He took our penalty on Himself.

He died so that we might have life. He died to rescue us from ourselves, to rescue us from the penalty of our sin and our rebellion. And there is freedom in His name.

That heavy yoke, that heavy spirit will be broken off you when you confess ‘Jesus is Lord.’ He will deliver you from that — scripture calls it ‘bondage to sin.’ You feel like you’re in a prison all the time. You feel fear stalks you in the day and at night.

The way out of that prison is by making Jesus Lord — by confessing that He is Lord — and by saying:I am going to follow Him instead of follow my own ways for the rest of my life.’

You can say ‘yes’ to Jesus, tonight. You don’t have to wait another minute.”

— Wes Hall, provost of IHOPU
The revival started in his classroom

Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way

IHOP Awakening Healing Testimonies. Includes: music was her passion (look at her shirt), but she had trouble hearing…

Many more testimonies can be seen at the IHOPU Student Awakenening page. Scroll down through the listings to the right of the video player.

'Revival' Happening at IHOP (International House of Prayer in KC)

This isn’t what I would call ‘ONE’ yet, which may not happen until we get our doctrines right, especially salvation doctrine. But it’s GREAT to see people being set free (though many still aren’t out of the danger zone)!
Many are powerfully and visibly being touched by God — set free from pornography, homosexuality, anger — and healed, emotionally and physically!




A letter from Mike Bickle and Lou Engle concerning the critical hour in which we live.

It is time to encounter God and take action.

We stand at a critical juncture in our nation’s history. It is time to encounter God and to take action. The Holy Spirit is visiting His people with power. At the same time, the powers of darkness are raging against the moral fabric of our nation. The light is getting brighter as the darkness gets darker.

Many of you will have heard of the spiritual awakening at our Bible school. On Wednesday, November 11, the Spirit fell on a class for more than 15 hours. The word spread quickly and over 2,000 people spontaneously gathered in the auditorium from all over Kansas City, as deliverance and physical healings continued to increase. We canceled our classes for the next week so that each one of our 1,000 students and interns could receive from the Spirit in an extended way.

We decided to meet nightly from 6:00pm to midnight because His manifest presence continues to increase. Visitors are pouring in from many places across America to partake of this spiritual awakening.

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