Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

“I just felt like there are some here. You are under that dark cloud. You are under that heavy yoke. But you don’t actually know Jesus. You’ve never said, ‘Yes’ to Jesus.

Do you want to be free from that yoke? You can be, but only in Jesus. It is the power of His blood of what He did on the cross, when He died and rose again. When He died, He took our penalty on Himself.

He died so that we might have life. He died to rescue us from ourselves, to rescue us from the penalty of our sin and our rebellion. And there is freedom in His name.

That heavy yoke, that heavy spirit will be broken off you when you confess ‘Jesus is Lord.’ He will deliver you from that — scripture calls it ‘bondage to sin.’ You feel like you’re in a prison all the time. You feel fear stalks you in the day and at night.

The way out of that prison is by making Jesus Lord — by confessing that He is Lord — and by saying:I am going to follow Him instead of follow my own ways for the rest of my life.’

You can say ‘yes’ to Jesus, tonight. You don’t have to wait another minute.”

— Wes Hall, provost of IHOPU
The revival started in his classroom

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