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From: The Last Trumpet Newsletter, April 1998, by David J. Meyer

I have been recently threatened by relatives of the late Anton LeVey, the now dead high priest of Satan, who founded the Church of Satan and wrote the “Satanic Bible.”  Anton LeVey died while we were doing spiritual battle in Salem, Massachusetts, last Halloween.  For those who have not heard this entire story, please request the December, 1997, issue of the Last Trumpet [read it here, ed.].  In that issue, I also tell of the prayer meeting the next day, in which we prayed for either the salvation or destruction of the leaders of Illuminism.  The very next day, Edmund de Rothschild, head of the Illuminati itself, died! We take prayer very seriously.  James 4:12 reminds us that there is one lawgiver, who is able both to save and to destroy.  God does both, and we commend all judgement into His hands [Really? ‘Turn or burn’ the only options? God doesn’t make people ‘turn.’ Nor does He answer ‘burn’ prayers (curses)—the opposite of Romans 12 (see below)—”Bless and don’t curse.” – ed.].  He hears our prayers and the cry of our hearts but always does his own will.

I want to encourage every reader to get into the battle against the enemy.  The docile remnant will see the power of God through prayer and will join in the battle.  Souls will be saved as a result of our Saviour working through his people.  We have asked specifically in prayer for whorehouses and strip joints to be driven out, and within weeks they closed down.  I specifically asked the Lord to send the judgement of Sodom on the Hotel Washington in Madison, Wisconsin, because it was completely controlled by homosexuals.  No one knew I prayed against it as I drove past it, but a few weeks later, it burned to the ground from a fire of unknown origin.  There was no loss of life.  The examples of answered prayer are far too numerous to mention, but one more….

You can do it too! It is not hard to get answers to prayer, but it is hard to get people to pray.  It is hard work but well worth it!

Please don’t. Losing one’s salvation is not worth it. See: Who-Goes-to-Heaven-Scriptures — Narrow is the Way. This isn’t prayer, it’s witchcraft in Jesus’ name. It’s James-3 cursing from the dark side: “this wisdom is…demonic” (James 3:15).