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Nicky Cruz: David Wilkerson 'Never Lost His Heart' — "I almost killed him then because I really was totally full of hate. That was when he told me that Jesus loved me.”

David Wilkerson
1931 – 2011

From: New American

Teen Challenge Founder David Wilkerson Dies

David Wilkerson, who pastored the 5,000-strong Times Square Church (left) in one of New York City’s seedier red light districts, and who founded the highly successful faith-based Teen Challenge drug treatment and Christian mentoring program, has died at the age of 79. As reported by the Associated Press, Wilkerson was killed April 27 “in a car accident in East Texas, Texas Department of Public Safety spokeswoman Tela Mange said. Wilkerson’s car smashed head-on into a tractor-trailer rig after veering into oncoming traffic on U.S. 175 west of Cuney, about 95 miles southeast of Dallas, Mange said.”

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Nicky Cruz: David Wilkerson ‘Never Lost His Heart’
Gang leader-turned-evangelist misses his spiritual father.

Nicky Cruz remembers the David Wilkerson he met on the streets of New York in the 1950s—the “skinny preacher” who walked a message of Jesus’ love into gang-owned neighborhoods that police were afraid to enter and faced, without flinching, people most gangs didn’t dare mess with; people like Cruz, who back then led the feared Mau Maus of Brooklyn.

He remembers the forceful pastor who led ministries with worldwide influence like Teen Challenge and Times Square Church, a “straight shooter” who “never danced around anything. He was very straight, and always you said, ‘Wow, Dave, he’s hard.'”

But over the last 15 years, the man who counted Wilkerson as a close friend and spiritual father for half a century says what he gradually came to understand: “All these years … Dave Wilkerson was a teddy bear.”

“Always when I see him and I hug him … I say, ‘I love you.’ Even on the telephone, ‘I love you.’ And Dave is not expressive, [but] whenever we were alone, always he told me ‘I love you, son,'” Cruz told Christianity Today in an interview Thursday.

The last time Cruz saw Wilkerson, some weeks ago, they spoke for three hours. Cruz told him about Thousand Pieces, a film in the works about Cruz’s life, including the encounter with Wilkerson that led to his transformation. Wilkerson related his side of that story in the classic book The Cross and the Switchblade (which later became a film starring Pat Boone as Wilkerson and Erik Estrada as Cruz). The new film’s name comes from something that Wilkerson said to Cruz after the gang leader threatened to kill him: “You could cut me in a thousand pieces and lay them out in the street and every piece would love you.”

“New York in that time was bombarded by gangs, and we were the prime leaders of the gangs,” Cruz said. “Even Frankenstein and Dracula were afraid to walk in that neighborhood. And he’s a skinny preacher! Came from nowhere. There’s no way that a type of guy like this can be so strong to stand [on] his own and to really really really take it.”

“He can take a bullet, he can be killed, but he stood because [he was] obedient to Jesus. Jesus sent him there to bring the message to the gangs. … I almost killed him then because I really was totally full of hate. That was when he told me that Jesus loved me.”

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[WordPOWER!] 2 Timothy2:15 | Acts 17:11 — "Truth?" Look Closer… Make Sure — "I get on my knees and pray we don't get fooled again!"


Col. Bob Bowman: The immorality they're foisting on this country — We haven't been the good guys for a long time. The countries we've invaded happen to be the few countries in the world that are not part of the Rothschilds' banking cartel.


  1. peanut gallery

    (not me!!!)
    In just a few short weeks another flotilla will attempt to take food and supplies to the besieged Palestinians in Gaza.
    Will Israel attack American ships again and murder more people on a mission of mercy to the people in Gaza?
    With friends like Israel, who needs enemies.
    Why is the whole world afraid to stop what is happening? Nobody likes it. Nobody thinks it’s right. We all know where it’s leading — World War III. Soon as America has an earthquake or a disaster and is vulnerable, the world will think it’s a good time to attack us and stop the insanity. The U.S. has already surpassed Adolph Hitler warmongering, or in anything he did in WWII.
    Why can’t the Palestinians have some food and medicine and some relief? Why can’t they leave the Gaza strip, and come to other countries where they will be welcomed and cared for? Is it not enough that their homes and orchards were stolen, so many of them murdered, tortured, their young men dragged away by Israeli soldiers to the dungeons, raped and tortured and their organs sold on the open market?
    How is it that Israel can attack our ships and murder our citizens who are just trying to take food and medicine and clothing to the poor people in Gaza? Yet we are told that Israel is our ally? Do allies do such things? With friends like these, do we really need enemies?
    And do allies also infiltrate the government and bribe and blackmail all the elected officials to do their bidding? Steal their nuclear and technological secrets as Israel has done? And let us never forget the USS Liberty, who was attacked during LBJ’s presidency, by Israel, who straffed it and torpedoed it by submarine, killing 30 and wounding 180 Americans, many who were in lifeboats, but by a miracle of God the ship would not sink and a RUSSIAN ship finally rescued them from the attack by Israel. (LBJ was in on the scam, the plan to sink the USS Liberty and blame Egypt so as to trigger WWIII.)
    So just two more weeks another flotilla will attempt to reach the people of Gaza with medicine and food. Are we ready for World War III? Are we willing to speak up and risk the wrath of Big Sis and Homeland Security and the rest of the gangsters running our country, Republican and Democrat and Tea Party also — not to mention the Jewish controlled media who will cry foul, who will say that “antisemitism is rearing its ugly head,” that if we don’t agree to blow up the world for Israel it means we are racists and bigots.
    Well concerning the ridiculous charge of “antisemitic” against those who do not jump on the “Kill all the Muslims” bandwagon — the nation of Israel is made of people of many races, and the really semitic people are the Palestinians, the ones huddled in the tunnels in Gaza trying to survive Israel’s bunker busters, the ones having no weapons to fight back with but rocks and sticks. Judaism is a religion, NOT A RACE — and, further, it is a false religion, a hideous, racist, hateful SUPREMACIST religion teaching world conquest and hatred toward Christianity and Islam, that the name of Jesus be blotted from the earth (per the Talmud).
    Judaism wants America to establish their own country, just for them,
    but also does not want us to practice Christianity in the public square right here in America (where most Jews choose to live BTW).
    Why of all the religions, has the world decided to favor this one ‘special’ religion, Judaism, the most antichrist religion on the planet, to bestow special privileges to its practitioners that the rest of us don’t have? Why does the world choose to bless those whose faith teaches hatred of Jesus Christ over those who faith teaches us to love Jesus? How is it that our Constitution forbids the establishment of a religion, yet we are forced to erect a Nation of Israel for one particular religion, and give the Jews billions of our tax dollars each year, as well as nukes and planes to wage war on their neighbors, and send our soldiers overseas to fight their evil wars for them and steal the resources of the oil producing countries to be piped into Israel for their benefit? We are paying for Israel, but we who love Jesus must sign a paper agreeing not to speak of Jesus if we visit Israel, and Christians are not allowed to own real estate in Israel either. Imagine if we tried to tell the Jews they could not own any real estate here in America!!! The yowling and howling would not quit. Yet believers in Jesus can’t put out a cardboard cresch in the public square at Christmas because it offends the Judaics, just as the very mention of the word Christmas and Easter offends them and causes us to cater to their sensitive ears to rename Christmas and Easter Vacation in the public schools to Winter and Spring vacation. What makes them, the Jews, so special that they can lord it over everybody else and force us to deny the God who loved us and gave himself for us?
    How could so many Christians become so bamboozled to think that a nation always called “Palestine,” but renamed “Israel” — is the same Israel referred in the Bible as the “children of Israel.” “Israel” is the name God gave Jacob, his new name, and his descendants are called “children of Israel.” The nation of Israel has always been called Palestine, but was renamed by Lord Rothschild to be Israel. When we read in the Bible about “Israel this” or “Israel that,” we should realize this is not talking about a modern day Palestine renamed Israel.
    Judaizing shepherds like David Wilkerson and John Haggee, Pat Robertson, Tim LaHaye, the whole lot of them — and so-called “conservatives” like Joe Farrah who want to get on with blowing up the Al Acsa Mosque in Jerusalem and proceed to rebuild Solomon’s Temple for the Jewish (false) Messiah to rule the world. There is no excuse for any of these Judaizing apostates. They are making their living preaching, they are the ones presuming to tell the rest of us what’s what concerning these issues — it is their business to know the truth, not to be preaching Judaism as the chosen religion while at the same time claiming to be Christian, and threatening the world with destruction if we do not cater to Israel.
    David Wilkerson was an Imminent Rapturist and Israel Firster, slavisly catering to the Supremacists.
    Since David Wilkerson died a few days ago in a car accident, the government’s propaganda machine, led by Propaganda Czar Cass Sunstein (Jewish), appears to be quite busy creating bogus websites with multiple identical puff posts of Wilkerson. Seems Wilkerson is being made into a folk hero same as Ghandi was.
    David Wilkerson, Deceased, America’s New Heroic Mythical Folk Hero
    Here is Wilkerson’s interview given to Israel Today. David Wilkerson died breathing threats against Christendom of earthquakes and financial depression if we do not blast the Muslims, kill the people in Gaza, and worship at the feet of the Jews and Israel. Wilkerson, who died a few days in a car accident, has issued so many threats, starting back in the ’70s when he was telling us in his book The Vision that the killer bees were going to wipe us out, among other things. He is one of those false prophets the Bible speaks of that are not sent by God, but take it on themselves to tell us their dreams and claim God has sent them with a special message just for us. Anybody can read the Bible and see it prophesies earthquakes and famine and wars in these days. Wilkerson’s timelines are a joke, and he predicted in the ’70s that within 10 years the earth would be destroyed by a depression, earthquakes, famines, killer bees, on and on. Now 30 years later, and he keeps on making more predictions, or rather threats that terrible things will happen if we don’t cater to Israel.
    Since we have been licking the boots of Israel for several decades and the more we lick the less blessings we have, seems like these threats of curses and promises of blessings if we “bless Israel” should have proved themselves to be prima facie false by this time. The country is pretty much cooked, and anybody who took an honest look at our past behavior of warmongering and caving in to Jewish Hollywood morality and blotting out the name of Jesus to please the Jews has not brought us any blessings from God whatsoever.
    Furthermore, Wilkerson’s ministry counseled teens to get abortions. He has never been prolife. This man never was a “man of God.” I have been looking at the so-called “Christian” forums discussing his death — and the avatars of the posters are of the Israeli flag and the star of David and other such things, as though being a Christian means really being Jew. Argggghhh. Just like Sarah Palin has a Jewish flag in every room of her house. (mind controlled much?)
    I am not up to date on all of Wilkerson’s current prophecies, but I am told he threatened the U.S. would be split in two by an earthquake if we don’t support Israel. This has been commonly predicted for many years by the Illuminati, that the U.S. would indeed be literally split in two, that the new capital is to be in Denver, and there are bunkers built on the western half of the country, west of the New Madrid fault line. But Wilkerson has always seemed oblivious to all of this and claimed to just be getting special insight and prophecies straight from God, that if we don’t heed them and cater to Israel, we would pay dearly by God causing the New Madrid to split. (with a little help from HAARP and some BP drilling and explosives in the Gulf?).
    In two more weeks, middle of May, the flotilla will be attempting again to reach the beseiged people in Gaza. Last time Israel murdered, what, 30 volunteers on the ship? (remember the ship Cynthia McKinney was on to take food and medicine to the people in Gaza?)
    Can it be? Is it possible that that the Jesus revolution or revival, whatever you want to call it, that began in the ’70s, of which I was one who got saved, was not of God at all. There was no repentance or holiness that came out of that, and instead the thousands of new churches that mushroomed up all over the country minister a materialistic Judaized kind of “Christianity,” one obsessed with signs and wonders, preaching license to sin to those who accept their sins are all paid for past, present and future, Imminent Rapturists, and selfish, murderous, pitiless Judaizers chomping on the bit to start WWIII and kill all the Muslims (and other Christians who don’t see things their way).
    Why do American Christians have to kill and die for the Judaics, and who made them our masters? Our Bible tells us that in the end, it will be a Zionist world government run from Jerusalem in a rebuilt Solomon’s Temple and a false Jewish Antichrist Messiah who will chase down the Christians and cut our heads off. So why are we helping the people who hate us and our God and who are going to eliminate us soon as we are not of use to them?
    The Muslim people are righteous and honorable and decent and they love and revere Jesus and Mary. God is not going to bless us for attacking and killing them and stealing their resources for Israel. The world hates us for what we are doing and so does God. Vengeance is mine, says the Lord. I don’t believe we will escape judgment for this terrible thing we do. Ted Pike says it stems from the Calvinist heresy of eternal security, that one is irreversibly “saved” once he prays the prayer in sincerity, that nothing can ever cause one to lose their salvation once that step is taken, it’s a done deal. Carry this forward to the Jews and the promises of God, which were conditional to being righteous and obedient to God BTW as anybody can plainly see who reads Deuteronomy, but carry this idea to the Jews that they can own Palestine even if they are in total rebellion to God, and you see where one heresy leads to another. Christian (eternal security) Calvinists tend to become Christian Zionists.
    Israel needs to care for the people of Gaza. It needs to repent of its evil doing and to step aside and let the flotilla through in the middle of May, the flotilla going to help the people of Gaza. It needs to back off, way, way off.
    I would give anything to be in South America now, but I don’t believe there is time for that now. The attack on Babylon happens in the spring, and I was hoping it would be next spring, but apparently not. I believe the U.S. is going to be attacked, as a matter of self-defense, by the rest of the world, just as Jeremiah 50 and 51 tells us. America, the juggernaut, the “destroying mountain” as the Bible says. And Jeremiah says God will turn the destroying mountain into a burning mountain and roll it down.
    I can’t believe my country is on a rampage of war, a total military Golen monster set loose for the Jewish Supremacists, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Wall Street and Mad Dog Israel.
    – Cheryl –

  2. mike wilkerson

    A great loss, may God richly bless him and his family.

  3. rosann

    Up from the valley, through the hills, over the oceans of blue, Jesus has called David home. Earthly work undone; perhaps gone too soon.
    Home of earth to loved ones must – carry on. God has a higher calling for David Wilkerson. We have our future challenges. and endeavors to carry on in the work that God has gifted us. David Wilkerson is our legend who was sent to be a messenger for God.
    Let us not say Good-bye, but see you soon! God Bless the Wilkerson family.
    Rosann Harris

  4. rosann

    Up from the valley, through the hills, over the oceans of blue, Jesus has called David home. Earthly work undone; perhaps gone too soon.
    Home of earth to loved ones must – carry on. God has a higher calling for David Wilkerson. We have our future challenges. and Carry on in the work that God has gifted us. David Wilkerson is our legend who was sent to be a messenger for God.
    Let us not say Good-bye, but see you soon! God Bless the Wilkerson family.
    Rosann Harris

  5. Mike Smith

    Cheryl………………You’re off-base, mentally-ill,and demented. Evil is misleading you. YOU NEED TO WAKE UP IF ANYONE DOES~~~!

    • M

      You have the right to disagree, but I suggest you do so in a more polite and professional manner.

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