(15 months before the outpouring)

He’s about to release a Spirit of glory on the church.

But when He releases a Spirit of glory
He’s going to require a greater standard of agreement
with His heart and with His word
… which we call holiness.

Because if His glory comes
and the people are not in agreement with His glory
it is more trouble

because the Lord comes
not only as the God of power
but the God Who is zealous
for purity and love and holiness

“God promised His Son a people
that would love Jesus
in the way that Jesus loved them

— Mike Bickle

(Transcribed by Jeff Fenske)

Purity Covenant, Part 1 (The Call D.C. 8/16/08)

Purity Covenant, Part 2 (The Call D.C. 8/16/08)


[Mike Bickle IHOP 3/08] Making a Purity Covenant: Seven Practical Commitments — The Lord will visit IHOP-KC with an open door of glory in the spirit and a door of ministry to the nations. When Jesus opens a door of glory to release more of His manifest presence then He requires more agreement with His heart (a higher standard of obedience). … This is a promise with a warning of judgment.