Let Us Be ONE, Part 15 of 33

Living Examples … Filled to Overflowing
Be an example of prayer, praying for one another. Let your lives be living examples of what I can do. Let it be a testimony for others to watch. They’ll see you change, and want to be independent no longer. They’ll see how happy you are, how you depend on Me for everything and are filled to overflowing. It will happen. Rest, and obey.
Be a friend to the fatherless, those that have no children, those that want to be like Me. Go slow. Don’t go too fast and get ahead of yourself. These things take time, but once you get them they will come naturally. Many will see your faith and remain in Me—you leading, they follow. You first, they will come.
START SMALL — Quality, not quantity
It takes two to have fellowship. No more, but more will come. Start meeting two by twos until more follow. Meet once a week, and pray aloud. Strengthen yourselves, and go to the nations. They will see your light and be glad. But first, start at home. Build yourself a base, a core of believers who know Me from the bottom of their heart.
You will see great things happen in your midst, and it will be fun, exciting to watch Me work in you to others. Let them see your light. Let it shine. Let it be bold. Don’t hold back. Live a life of love. Show others you care. Give them time, but don’t give into their ways. Let them be free, conquering their sin when they are ready.
© 2008 Jeff Fenske

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