Let Us Be ONE, Part 16 of 33

When They Mock You
You be bold. Watch and pray; forgive; be not anxious for anything.
“Liar,” some will say; “thief.” They will accuse you of many things, but don’t fight back. Always rest in Me, knowing that I care. I will give you life. Be not afraid.
Some will say you are in error, because you abide in the Vine. You are different. They are uncomfortable, and are convicted of their sin. Be not afraid to be unlike the crowd, to be mocked for being different—afraid of reproach no more. My Son was mocked while He was setting people free. The Devil hates this. He hates to see defeat, and will kick and scream through those that follow him. He will taunt you, make you feel uncomfortable, but don’t reproach. You are fighting the Devil when they mock you. Let it go. Do not hold back. I will give you words to speak, or say nothing. Hold your peace. [Like Jesus in Isaiah 53:7]
© 2008 Jeff Fenske

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