[UPDATE] My thoughts, five years later, September, 2013:

The timing of this is still very interesting to me. I heard this prophecy on October 10, 2008. Only four months earlier in June, the evangelicals overwhelmingly chose warmonger and pro-choice John McCain over the peacemaker and pro-rule-of-law-Constitutionalist Ron Paul, who believes we really are supposed to love our neighbors as ourselves, from those still in the womb to our so-called ‘enemies’ overseas — everyone — as Jesus taught. War should always be the very last resort: “not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord.” We should draw near to God and He will draw near to US, giving us wisdom as to what to do. Jesus said: “blessed are the PEACEMAKERS, for they shall be called CHILDREN OF GOD.” The evangelicals supported the Bush/Cheney wars and torture without question, as they gutted our Constitution, turning us into the police state that is ever increasing. Even our news and media is largely controlled. But most evangelicals still won’t investigate what really happened on 9/11, which is shocking to me. Why not pull back the curtain and see reality the way it really is? What are we waiting for?

When I saw the evangelicals in South Carolina boo Ron Paul in January 2012 for saying we should go by the Golden Rule, it was even more clear that America is finished. We have lost our soul, and by the time we get it back, Satan’s plans will be so advanced, because many evangelicals actually voted for evil, led by the pastors who aren’t abiding in Christ enough to lead the people into actually doing the greatest two commandments, without which we can’t be real, overcoming Christians.

So I still follow what is really going on politically at my other site and on Facebook, but ‘ONE’ happening is my passion. ‘ONE’ is Jesus passion, which He stated in John 17 — “that the world will know.” When ‘ONE’ happens, we’ll be able to rest in Him with each other no matter what happens. And we better tune into God as to where to live and what to do next, because serious judgment is coming on America.

Pride comes before destruction, and an arrogant spirit before a fall.”  – Proverbs 16:18

We could have easily avoided this disaster. All it would have taken was for one church to really walk in love, as the Holy Spirit was trying to help them do. But they wouldn’t listen to those of us who had clear words of insight and correction, like this one that I gave to a pastor way back in 1990, which still applies today:

My 1990 Key-to-Revival Prophecy: “There is might and there is power and there is glory, but it is being withheld until these relationships are made right, until we love our brother enough to…”

Pastors had the template. They knew exactly what they were supposed to do. This 1990 prophecy, above is just one of many. And then instead of obeying, they introduced seeker services and man-made programs, and once-saved-always-saved.
So all these years later: let’s get this thing started. If we build it He will come. And we will be so happy in Christ!!!

And we can’t stop the end of America, now, but we can postpone what’s coming.
This is what happened. The church opened the sin gate, letting the demons in, shut their ears to God’s voice, leaving the sin gate open, pacified by the once-saved-always-saved false doctrine.

The Red Gate Prophecy — What If I Open It Just a Little Bit? The believers, not the non-believers, have opened the gate to sin, which is why this country has deteriorated

Ephesians 4:11-16 — we can still do it!!! It should be front and center, along with Jesus’ prayer of ‘ONE’ happening in John 17, and the greatest two commandments — with the greatest being the greatest.
Jesus wants to be head of His church. Will we let Him?
Then “our hearts will swell with love…!”

God’s Remedy for James-3 Cursing & Partysville in Today’s Church is James 4 — Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts. Let your laughter be turned to mourning… Humble yourselves and He will exalt you!

– –
Let Us Be ONE, Part 34 of 34

I received this prophecy totally unexpectedly while responding to this comment by Maria in New Zealand.

I did my best to only write what I was hearing. There was only one line in the word that I consciously stumbled at, so I removed it here (marked by *). For those interested, it’s still in the original, which I left completely alone except for formatting.

This prophecy is the main reason I believe conditions will only get worse in America, that it’s too late to reverse America’s collapse. There was a season when we could have reversed what is to come, God says. But the people He sent to warn us ‘Christians’ have been rejected. So now it’s time to focus on becoming ONE with each other, under God (Jesus’ heart-cry for us in John 17)— to no longer do our own thing, the Holy Spirit says in this prophecy.

In Christ and right with each other, we can soar, no matter how bad things get in the natural:

It doesn’t matter what the stock market will do, for holiness will abound and you will be ONE, living together, helping one another through the difficult times ahead.

It’s too late to reverse what’s been done, for My men have been rejected. There was a season.

Now is the time to overcome and get right with all those around, so you can be holy and set apart.

FORGIVENESS will reign from your hearts, and we will be together, embracing for eternity. You in Me and I in you. It should always be this way: resting, relaxed, righteousness ABOUNDINGyour hearts GLAD! …

Your heart will swell with love, and it will be easy to remain in Me when others are on the BOAT with you.

Interestingly, the Holy Spirit uses the word ‘boat’ 8 times in this prophecy (which I capitalize, because i find this so unique). And anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a pretty straight forward thinker who rarely uses vivid imagery and metaphors in the way I write and speak. Poetry class was extremely hard for me, but here, nautical imagery flows easily from God.

It started with me writing this to Maria on Oct. 8, 2008:

The churches I know don’t allow words of correction to be given…. The current move of man is to only allow “positive/encouragement” words, just like the jingle we hear over and over on the syndicated [chained is actually more applicable] FM “Christian” radio station that won’t even play Keith Green or anything that would indicate that maybe something is wrong—that we need to change in order for God to move and for us to be ONE.

I don’t think it’s wise to regularly attend a ‘church’ that isn’t really a church. I don’t listen to K-LOVE much, either.

Then, to my complete surprise, I hear these words, which I immediately knew was a prophecy from God:

They’re [probably referring to both of what I mentioned: churches and K-LOVE, ‘Christian’ music radio – ed.] putting people to sleep, and it hurts My heart. It grieves My spirit.

An anointing will come, My children, when you follow after Me, not man. Put away those things, those stocks and bonds, and follow Me. I will help. Let Me be your friend, where life is. There is no other, and you are on the wrong course when you go the other way. Let life reign, and be not afraid.

Perilous times will come because you’ve disobeyed. You have not held up My banner of honor [‘Christians’ are responsible for the collapse of America. See The Red Gate Prophecy – ed.], and you will be scourged. For I was not in this, all that you did for Me—Me not being in your midst.

Come back in the time of trouble. Glorify Me. Don’t fear. Get off the BOAT of greed and independence. Let’s be ONE [the title of the prophecy that inspired the name of this website – ed.]. Let’s do it together, Me at your side…* — not you doing your own thing anymore.

Let’s do it. Be bold. Don’t faint, and I will be with you, all who obey.

Let us be ONE. Not one with each other as you do your own thing. This doesn’t work. It must be under God.

Feel My hurt, and put aside the things that keep you from Me.

Get to know My word. It tells much, and distortions are many. Read it again and see what it says. [for example: “Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way” – ed.]

You may be surprised to know that: I care; I love you, but not in your sin. I cannot support this, those things you do, thinking I am in them and am for you no matter what. I reject those who reject Me. I love everyone, but not in their sin. It is a shame to think that I will bless My people when they curse and hurt My sheep from afar. [James-3 cursing is explained in my “‘Christians’ Cursing People” posts (in reverse-chronological order)]

Get off the BOAT of unrighteousness and onto Love. I am here. But I will only show up when you obey. Seek Me and be still. Follow the way of righteousness, and I will respond.

You know what to do. You’ve been dragging your feet. Get those things right now. There is not time to dally around, thinking it doesn’t matter. It is filthy, and you reek with filth. It is not funny.

My heart is grieved, and this market will fall because I am not in this.

To the degree that you repent will I bless.

Get on the BOAT of holiness and be filled. Don’t worry about what is going on around. It will happen, and don’t be a part of the filth. Vote your conscience, not your pocketbook [This was about 1 month before the 2008 Presidential election on 11/17 (Obama, McCain or Chuck Baldwin — Ron Paul already out) – ed.]. You don’t need to vote for evil, and evil abounds. The system is corrupt.

Get off the BOAT and pray. A better way, a new day will take over. You will see it. Let My word take you to new heights no matter what you see around you. Live a better life. Be afraid no more by what you see.

Get off the BOAT of UNFORGIVENESS and live together in your heart—ONE. I have a new way, and it will be slow until you get off the BOAT of UNFORGIVENESS and into a life of loving everyone, not just your elders or superiors, but those around you and overseas — even YOUR ENEMIES. LOVE THEM FIRST. Make a special place for them in your heart.

Behold, and see My word in action as you obey, Me first. Give life to others—not a dirty look. Look the other way until you are holy, until you’ve MADE AMENDS. Me first, in you, letting life go. A new way will abound, and many will see your fruit, that you obeyed.

Greetings—a new day has dawned.

After the prophecy ended, I quoted Maria’s words, to which I wanted to respond:

Now the snakes that hiss around him [She was referring to real prophets – ed.] aren’t people. I can assure you of this. They are demons and hordes from hell that have access through the unyielded flesh of men. They have at many times put him on deaths bed and come very close to taking his life.

I responded:

I understood they weren’t people. But they are usually sent by people, what I call James-3 cursing. And we all probably have known those who have died prematurely because of being cursed by ‘Christians’ for standing up for truth. What you say is described in the “Let Us Be ONE” prophecy.

May this never be anymore. The curses must stop, and those cursed must not hold this against them, so we can be free and love our enemies who can become our friends,

Then the prophecy resumed, the Holy Spirit continued:

when they know we mean them no harm.

“Let’s be friends, and fight no more, and seek God together.” Then faith will abound and love will conquer all iniquity of the flesh.

It doesn’t matter what the stock market will do, for holiness will abound and you will be ONE, living together, helping one another through the difficult times ahead.

It’s too late to reverse what’s been done, for My men have been rejected. There was a season. [After hearing this, the first person I thought of wasn’t a preacher or prophet, per se, but the true political maverick that the evangelical church rejected: the Christlike peacemaker, economic problem solver, truth-teller, Presidential candidate, Ron Paul. Pro-life-all-the-way Ron Paul didn’t fit the “church’s” pro-war, reverse-peacemaker agenda. But I’m sure God is thinking of many prophetic people as well – ed.]

Now is the time to overcome and get right with all those around, so you can be holy and set apart.

FORGIVENESS will reign from your hearts, and we will be together, embracing for eternity. You in Me and I in you [John 15 – ed.]. It should always be this way: resting, relaxed, righteousness ABOUNDING—your hearts GLAD!

Lift others high, yourselves last. And let’s do it, My people. FREEDOM at last. There is a better way in which life reigns and spirits are set FREE to abound.

Don’t limit what you can do. Rest in Me, FORGIVING. And I will prepare a place for you by My side, ABOUNDING.

It is for everyone. We can all be ONE. Let’s reign over temptation and [get] back in the BOAT where iniquity has been BAILED OUT.

This is the only way to do it. Me first, in My love. FREEDOM. Go slow, always in love; never fear, and I will BAIL YOU OUT.

Be not afraid to obey even when it hurts. Feel My love abound. Rest.

Give Me your pride. Fall on your face daily, and be prepared to suffer. But I am in this. Your heart will swell with love, and it will be easy to remain in Me when others are on the BOAT with you.

For now, relax, and let righteousness reign. Don’t worry. Perilous times will come. It is too late to remedy.

Now, let’s pray.

© 2009 Jeff Fenske


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