Jesus prayed we'd be 'ONE' with each other in Him that the world will know! (John 17)

David Hogan: Faith to Raise the Dead

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Recorded in September 1997 at Brownsville Assembly of God, Bible School.
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A Preview of What is to Come


[video] Dumitru Duduman: Wake Up America


  1. He’s one of my heros!

  2. Aaron

    I was there and it was awesome!

  3. Laura

    I have one of the “Wake Up America” which has the ballance of his vison, but I am sorry that the last three video clips had expired.

  4. Ron

    This man who is going to be “ministering” along side of Todd Bentley in Abbottsfor, BC in Septemeber is a deluded heretic and is also has so many enumerated lies and fanciful delsusions, that it isn’t really suprising he will be with Todd Bentley who is equally false and heretical. God will not be mcoked, and you who are supporting this are commanded by scripture to having nothing ot do with false prophets , lat alone support their occultic tactics and abuses against Christ’s Church.

  5. Jeff Fenske

    Upon what are you basing your accusations against David Hogan?
    And do you believe that miracles still happen and should happen today?
    Jeff Fenske

  6. Levi

    I Dont understand why you think the way you do….Jesus himself said those who follow me, they’re going to raise the dead, heal the sick, cast out demons, cleanse the lepers…the things that i do you will also do, and ever greater things then these. So In all honesty the fact that both David and Todd heal the sick, cast out devils and raise the dead shouldnt surprise you, because it’s what all christians are called to do…follow Jesus, Jesus said it himself. Why are they false prophets? they preach that Jesus is King, and establish heaven on earth…I think they are both men of God, and I back them because they are God fearing, and they are Obedient believers.

  7. Jeff Fenske

    Dear everyone,
    I don’t know much about Todd, but I’ve been interested in David Hogan ever since I first heard about him from a fellow seminary student almost 20 years ago. Since then, I’ve listened to and watched dozens of his messages, including hearing his wife speak, and I think they’re the normal ones.
    Mark 16:14-18:
    Afterward he was revealed to the eleven themselves as they sat at the table, and he rebuked them for their unbelief and hardness of heart, because they didn’t believe those who had seen him after he had risen. He said to them, “Go into all the world, and preach the Good News to the whole creation. He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who disbelieves will be condemned. THESE SIGNS WILL ACCOMPANY THOSE WHO BELIEVE: IN MY NAME THEY WILL CAST OUT DEMONS; THEY WILL SPEAK WITH NEW LANGUAGES; THEY WILL TAKE UP SERPENTS; AND IF THEY DRINK ANY DEADLY THING, IT WILL IN NO WAY HURT THEM; THEY WILL LAY HANDS ON THE SICK, AND THEY WILL RECOVER.”
    We’re still stuck in the USA not even able to love our brother and sister Americans as much as ourselves, let alone our brothers and sisters overseas: the Iraqis, Palestinians, Iranians, Africans, the Central and South Americans and etc.. Most ‘Christian’ Americans don’t even care if we ever hear news about what is really going on with these people. Out of sight out of mind. This is so sad. We’ve turned into a black hole. God won’t bless us as a people until we get our act together.
    In Anchorage, church leaders who’ve hurt people won’t even fully get right with those they’ve hurt, so we can have real Christianity at a group level.
    Sunday ‘worship’ is a joke if the people raising their hands towards God aren’t right with their brothers and sisters. Miracles won’t happen until love happens, vertically and horizontally. Leaders may act like everything is okay, but God won’t bless what we do until He’s in charge and our hearts are right. We must be submitted to Him no matter what the cost. Are we ready? Will we fulfill what God called us to do and be?
    David had a vision or dream about where he and his wife should minister. They went precisely where God said to go, and have risked their lives many times to minister to the Aztecs, Mexicans and Central Americans.
    As far as I can tell, David is the real thing and we’re just lightweights until we get over our junk and become ONE with each other and God. Then signs and wonders will be the norm for us too.
    [For the record, I never did finish seminary training. Seminaries are currently black holes that attempt to suck the life out of students until everyone is pretty much spiritually dead. There is a lot of hate and anger and James-3 cursing going on. And they are in serious doctrinal error as well, and don’t want to admit it. But I had a dream about the seminary I attended that gives me GREAT HOPE for its future. I would love to finish my masters degree there someday. The first time I attended was actually a blast, because it was during the tail end of the Vineyard holiness revival. But when I returned a few years later, it was one of the darkest places on the Earth. I think doctrine is the main problem, and one of the reasons I’m doing this site is to be a think-tank to help figure out what is real Christianity. Then if I am able to someday re-attend seminary, perhaps after real revival starts maybe in Alaska, and then we get into the inevitable discussions with students or professors about doctrine, I can tell them where to look on this site to see the theological basis. I really do believe that someday, true missionaries like David Hogan will be invited to speak to the students and faculty at seminary. This is how it should be.]
    David’s ‘Freedom Ministry’ is at:
    Jeff Fenske : )

  8. Stephan

    Yes, the Scripture does command us to preach the Gospel,heal the sick cleanse the lepers and raise the dead.
    I believe that.
    I used to be WAY into Hogan and his message, but a few years back something happened to me that opened my eyes in a major way to what this man is all about. I knew several missionary couples that went down to work with this guy and they reported first hand (and they arent the only ones) that Hogan is a MEAN MEAN MEAN ungodly individual. I also lived in Queretaro, Mexico for almost a year (that’s pretty close to where Hogan works) and was shocked to find out that no one down there had ever heard about Hogan at all. Understand, Mexico is a nation that LUSTS after miracles so that’s no small deal. In fact, some of you remember the website Fathers Glory used to carry almost all of Hogans stuff, but I spoke with the guy that ran the website, as did SJ Hill and several other people who all said the same thing about the total lack of the LOVE and Character of Jesus Christ in the mans life that Fathers Glory (rightfully) decided to pull Hogans videos and audio off the website. The site administrators simply said they had heard way too many first hand accounts from people who had directly worked with David Hogan whom all said the same thing about the mans Pride and lack of Christian Character (including cursing up a storm when he gets mad, even calling guys he works with “pussies” when the dont perform to his standards etc etc) and they just decided it wasnt Godly to tolerate it anymroe.
    I wrote an e-mail (have a copy if you want one) to Freedom Ministries asking specific questions about facts that were reported to me by the missionaries that had worked with Mr. Hogan and they refused to answer my questions.
    So what I have to say is this:
    “EVEN IF you have faith to remove Mountains, but have NOT love you are nothing!”
    Please dont just be impressed by the miracles look for the Lamb of God in peoples personality also. Christian fruit cannot be faked by the devil, but miracles can. I’m not even saying the miracles he says he sees are of the devil, i’m just making a point.
    I wont deny that Jesus uses the man much like Samson, because healing happens via faith in Jesus not according to our own rightousness. But in the end what happend to Samson?
    Lastly, for those of you who will ignore what i just said, please DONT feel inferior to Hogan even if you insist on continuing to listen to his abusive sermons. Remember miracles dont make you a better Christian, nor do they make you closer to Jesus, humility and love do that. If you have those things, and your calling is to be a house-wife or a man who works a regular 8-5 job you are fulfilling your calling in Christ every bit as much as someone sweating it out in Mexico!! Obedience dear brother, not sacrifice.
    In Christ,

  9. sara

    Honestly….I have never seen a demon cast out of anyone.
    Church is so formal and void of power. Very political but
    try to entertain us…. But PLEAZe don’t let the Holy Spirit out of the
    cage cuz they would have to clean up dropping every where if He got loose.
    So it is no power … just talk of other people in the Gospel
    who walked in the annointing.
    I think David Hogan is a walking the walk instead of just talking
    the talk! That really gets the religious people upset.

  10. “EVEN IF you have faith to remove Mountains, but have NOT love you are nothing!”
    Good comeback on this being a truth. But if you do Love, are you going to have faith to move a mountain? Concentrating on the do’s as well as the don’ts should be considered. If you Love, then you would do these things in light of being told to cast out demons, heal the sick, raise the dead. Love manifests in obedience to do things God tells us that is beyond our feelings and understanding. You can’t touch the stars and stay at home.

  11. Jeff Fenske

    I’d like to take a shot at this.
    Too many throw out the baby with the bathwater. I don’t know if what Philip says above is true or not, for I don’t know David personally, and haven’t looked into his recent work at all.
    I first heard of David when I attended seminary the first time, about 20 years ago, from a student friend, who loaned me a cassette tape message by David. For a number of years after that, I listened to and watched everything I could find about what David was doing and why God moved through their team so mightily.
    I consider David Hogan to be a pioneer in many ways, and I think there is much that can be learned from him. We are supposed to be doing the works of Jesus with signs and wonders following. If this isn’t happening, we’re not being Biblical in this way—or perhaps, even Biblical in our goals—to be like Christ, Who said “greater works than these you shall do,” and “these signs will follow those who believe….”
    Smith Wigglesworth said: “God wants daring men, men who will dare all, men who will be strong in Him and dare to do exploits” [Faith That Prevails, p. 12]. David Hogan is such a man. Are we?
    I personally do know Daniel Rodes, who oozes with character, he and his wife Esther, both. Daniel has a lot of respect for David, and he’s experienced some of the same type of miracles as one of the rare daring men in our midst today. I’ve appreciated greatly the time I’ve been able to hang out with Daniel, trying to learn as much as possible so we can be Christlike in this way, someday too.
    There is a lot we can learn from David, “For the creation waits with eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed.” We need to learn how to walk like Jesus walked so the Holy Spirit can move mountains through us—mountains that are evident to the world—as a testimony to Christ, so God can get MAXIMUM glory, so people’s hearts will be glad! But how do we walk in that anointing and not lose it, like so many have?
    Why do revivals usually stop after a certain time? Because the wineskins don’t stay new and supple? We have to walk within the parameters of God for He’ll only give grace to the humble. But why do people and groups of people who were once in the move, why do they lose it? And I’m not referring to anyone specifically, now. But revivals always seem to happen only so long and then there are years of desert.
    I don’t think God wants to ever pull the anointing from individuals or groups of people. He wants to move, miraculously blessing people through us, but He has to pull His glory if we don’t abide in the Vine sufficiently enough. And it’s so hard right now because it doesn’t look like any group is really getting it right. Worship isn’t really happening. Love isn’t really happening. So we’re split up, isolated, having certain strengths and weaknesses that aren’t complemented by those with differing gifts. And it’s so hard to do it alone.
    It’s never meant to be this way. We’re supposed to be ONE body under Christ, the Head—many members, each doing their part. But there is so much jealousy, unforgiveness, unrighteousness, not really getting right with those who’ve been hurt, etc.. Lots of lipservice, but no substance, for God looks at the heart. “I’m okay; you’re okay.”
    It looks hopeless. The hate and division continues on and on and on. And ‘worship’ services are dead.
    I think things are going to change rapidly now that America is tanking. Our cushy life is over. Soon, we’ll really need God and each other just to get by from day to day. And when we draw near to God He’ll draw near to us. For if revival stops or doesn’t get going, it’s because we’re not drawing near to God enough.
    David did it. He didn’t let the lukewarm church keep him from starting a work in the exact place where God gave him a dream to go. And then he fasted and prayed and obeyed and stepped out of the boat many hundreds of times, leading a great move that deeply touched and inspired many! There is no doubt. Praise God for Debby and David Hogan!!! God bless them!!!!!!!
    Now if what Philip (above) says is true, let’s encourage David and Debby by our love for them, appreciating the good that has been done. And let’s walk with Christ and each other so closely that they’ll hear what is happening here and be encouraged, and maybe even want to visit again [David was in Alaska, my home, awhile ago] to be a part of what is happening here—because we’ve lit the flame—”FIRE”!!!
    I long for the body of Christ to be ONE, and I bet that David does too. And he knows that most American “Christians” really are sissies, regardless of how spiritual they say they are. Most are filthy, actually, and on the road to hell. See: Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way.
    This site is all about how can be ONE (Jesus heart-cry for us in John 17), and how we can stay ONE. In my opinion, the biggest reason revivals don’t continue, and that ONE doesn’t continue is because of doctrines of demons that have been accepted almost universally by the church today. And many of these doctrines are those I’m addressing.
    Number one, the chief false doctrine that has poisoned American Christianity is that it’s hard to lose one’s salvation. My hope was that revival (ONE) could happen before America went down, because if only people would read what the Bible really says about who goes to heaven, about being led by the Spirit instead of old covenant tithing, that we can’t wish evil on others and still be “sons of God,” etc..
    We must walk in love. There is now no way around it. The grey areas will diminish. There will be light and dark. We can’t let ourselves fall into disgrace. We must rise to the occasion. No excuses.
    And we need each other. It’s so hard to walk alone. And if we do find spiritual success as individuals, it’s more easy to get prideful. We need the body to balance each other out—all under Christ.
    Let’s be ONE, no excuses any more, forgiving even our worst enemies from our entire hearts (even the bottom), fully wishing all well, repenting for any hate that remains deep within—praying in tongues (everyone can and should) also, which also greatly helps us and others walk demon free. Freedom! Demons hate tongues and they originate also the idea that it’s only for a select few. I have to write an article explaining this sometime.
    Let us walk in love. And may we have full appreciation for the pioneers, learning from what they have done. If there is bathwater, God is dealing with them about this, and He’ll pull His anointing.
    May we appreciate and learn from those who have gone before, and may we all be ONE together—in Christ, walking tall, full of love.
    Unfortunately, it’s not an option anymore. The only way to soar during the coming Depression is to walk in love, in Him, ONE with each other.
    David and Debby’s ministry is called “Freedom Ministries,” by the way.
    Jeff Fenske : )

  12. earl reiff

    hey jeff thanks for the encoaragement !
    a brother from heron mt.

  13. A believer

    I’ve been PERSONALLY in one of David Hogan’s meetings, and the man gave me the heebie jeebies. He can’t read scripture without getting hysterical. So hysterical he can’t even read it. There was nothing Godly about the man. His eyes have a darkness in them, a very scary, sinister darkness. Why has no miracles ever been done in his meetings in the states??? Does God not care about the American hanicapped people?? No, that’s not it, it’s because this man is another Jim Jones.

  14. Jeff Fenske

    Dear “believer,”
    You’re very harsh on the man, putting all of the blame on him for the lack of miracles that you saw happen firsthand.
    I really don’t know where David is currently at spiritually, but I do know the general state of the church in America right now. It’s possible that America has never been farther from God than they are right now; though, as the economy keeps going down more and more people will start to again seek God.
    You said:
    “Why has no miracles ever been done in his meetings in the states??? Does God not care about the American hanicapped people??”
    First of all, your first point is not true, but in comparison to what has happened in Mexico and central America at least at one point, the miracles were far more prevalent south of the border. But that isn’t just true with David’s ministry, many ministers who have experienced healings overseas come back here and the amazing things that happened over there don’t happen much over here.
    Real Christianity is mostly dead in America. The church is mostly dead in America. “Christians” are taught they don’t need to be holy to go to heaven, so most aren’t holy and most aren’t currently going to heaven. Most aren’t in a place to receive anything from God.
    “God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” America is proud, even to the point that “Christians” won’t repent for supporting the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent people through our military machine in countries that didn’t do anything to us — if one does the research — but the ‘church’ doesn’t seem to want to investigate what our government is really up to. Most Christians don’t seem to be much interested in truth and reality.
    It’s as if Jesus’ words don’t mean anything anymore: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” We’re Americans. We can do whatever we want and God will bless us. We’re children of God even when we’re not peacemakers — the opposite of what the Bible teaches.
    Where is the love? They’ll know us by our love….
    How can we expect anything from God until we repent? In the meeting you attended, the most right-with-God preacher could have been laying hands on the sick, instead, and very possibly, no creative miracles would have happened.
    I was just reading in Matthew how the woman with the issue of blood was healed because of her faith. “According to your faith” it will be done, is often the theme.
    God resists the proud. Faith is to a great extent a gift from drawing near to the Father and the Son, through the HOLY Spirit. There are miracles happening in American churches today, but most are just the result of getting rid of demons, which are the main cause of sickness.
    The creative miracles that you seem to be looking for (healing the “handicapped people”) will happen when ‘ONE’ happens. We should be focusing on how to be one with each other in Christ. Then God will show up with signs and wonders — after we get right with God and each other — not before.
    We can’t be not even right with God enough to go to heaven and expect people like David to come in to give us gifts we don’t deserve.
    First things first. We draw near to God. We build it and He will come.
    Let’s focus on doing the Greatest Two Commandments. Have you gotten right with everyone you’ve hurt? If not, why not? What are you waiting for? If you really care about those who desperately need recreative miracles (perhaps you need one yourself), then let’s seek God together, doing what He said to do.
    When ‘ONE’ happens — Jesus’ heartcry for us in John 17 — miracles will happen all over the place.
    Let’s build it. We don’t live under different rules than others because we’re Americans. And that’s why we’re not seeing recreative miracles. It’s not American fast food: God you do for us now what we want because…. Because what??
    Most Americans aren’t right enough with God and their neighbors enough to even go to heaven Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way, let alone being right enough to have faith to see recreative miracles.
    Those who have a heart for the handicapped to get healed, please help ‘ONE’ happen. Be totally right with God and all people, and help others do the same.
    “Then the world will know,” Jesus said, because God will obviously be among us. We’re keeping Him from doing what He wants. It’s our fault, not His. We can’t expect people like David to ride in on a white horse and save the day when the church is in filth.
    No church in America has a reputation for even being alive. The church of Sardis at least did, and even only a few of them were right enough with God and men to be in a place to not have their names removed from the Book of Life (Rev. 3:1-6).
    Why are we different, because we’re Americans? Because we’re Americans the Bible doesn’t apply to us in the same way it has and does to others? Are we so privileged that we don’t have to be in Christ in order to receive the blessings of Christ? Who do we think we are? “God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.”
    It’s so bad right now that I was in a ‘church’ last Sunday in which the ‘worship’ team sung The Revelation Song, probably my current favorite, right now. Yet the ‘worship’ was dead as a doornail. And it wouldn’t surprise me that the ‘worship’ in the meeting in which you experienced David afterward was probably dead to.
    Why is it dead? Why isn’t God showing up? Does Jesus want to be far away? Not at all. He longs for us to be in Him and healed by Him. But He can’t be Lord if we’re lord.
    Galatians 5:

    18 But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the law. 19 Now the works of the flesh are obvious, which are: adultery, sexual immorality, uncleanness, lustfulness, 20 idolatry, sorcery, hatred, strife, jealousies, outbursts of anger, rivalries, divisions, heresies, 21 envyings, murders, drunkenness, orgies, and things like these; of which I forewarn you, even as I also forewarned you, that those who practice such things will not inherit the Kingdom of God.
    22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, 23 gentleness, and self-control. Against such things there is no law. 24 Those who belong to Christ have crucified the flesh with its passions and lusts.

    First things first. First we have to belong to Christ. You call yourself “A believer.” Jesus said in the last chapter of Mark that these signs will follow those who believe: … they will heal the sick….
    What did Jesus really mean by believing?
    American fast food or truly abiding in Him?
    What I would really like to see is ‘ONE’ happening in our midst. Then we can say, hey, David, come check out what’s going on here. And watch him come and SMILE!!!!!!!!!! When he was here in Anchorage, Alaska, he said something about returning someday.
    You now point the finger at David, but what is going on in your heart? Is it clean? “First, take the plank out of your own eye so we can see clearly….”
    False doctrine is the number one problem. We’re taught we’re “in Christ” when we’re not Biblically in Christ. What does the Bible really teach?
    May we be ‘ONE’ with each other in HIM. Then the world will know — and only then — His way: “Not My will, but Yours be done.”
    Are we really Christ’s? Why do we think we should receive anything from God as long as partysville reigns in the church and in our hearts. We must die to ourselves so He can live.
    You looked into David’s eyes who sees all of the eyes who are looking to him without having looked in to Jesus’ eyes, saying ~”search our hearts Oh God and try us. Show us any wicked way in us and WE WILL get right and stay right with each other in You.” May that day come quickly, but it’s up to us.
    Let us be ‘ONE’!
    Jeff Fenske

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