Jesus prayed we'd be 'ONE' with each other in Him that the world will know! (John 17)

(prophesy) A Gift that Will Set Many Free! (A Death Warrant is Out for Your Souls) — "I’ve given you the gift of tongues from My heart to you"

Let Us Be ONE, Part 13 of 33

A Gift that Will Set Many Free!

There is another day, a day that will happen if you let it.

I want you to be free, free from anxiety. A death warrant is out for your souls. It will get you if you let it. You must pray.

Many die from unknown causes. They are weak from attacks from the Devil who never gives up—curse after curse—toward My people. Many have given in, unable to walk.

Tongues, I’ve given you the gift of tongues from My heart to you. It is a gift that will set many free if you use it regularly. It is for you to walk holy, set free in forgiveness while you pray.

The two work together. One attacks the Devil, while you release those who have hurt you deeply, wounded your soul.

Pray for them. You can focus; you don’t have to pray in general all the time. I will give you the gift of life as you pray.

This is how it works. Believe in your heart you are praying for one another; though, it will come from the Holy Ghost, the words you emit that I give you to speak. Focus on these people, and pray until your tongues cease. I will tell you who to pray for, but this isn’t necessary. You can pray for anyone that way.

Believe in your heart; direct your tongues. I will fill your mouth as you speak and set people free. I will pray perfectly, as you obey, giving your life to others through prayer.

Amazing things will result! Your heart will be glad!

Watch Me do it. Prove My point. Try it now. Focus on someone who needs prayer. Believe in your heart you are praying for them as you speak words from above that fill your mouth. Pray it out, and watch them change, for I will release them from anger and all kinds of oppressions as you pray. You will see it, and it will amaze your intelligence. Many will be set free. Do it now. This is an important point.

And as you pray, forgive, release them from all kinds of cares and bondages. The two work hand in hand. You forgive and I pray through your words that I give you.

This is freedom! Set them free. Do it now; why wait when you can have the chance to move mountains, have an impact on society that many will see and feel. Your heart will be glad. Many will walk holy.

Pray for your elders. Many are not in the ministry to give life. Many are sucking you dry. They need to give up the ghost of unforgiveness and get on the bandwagon of love.

The seal of approval, you all want it. You can have it now. Why wait? You can be in Me as we speak. You can know for sure that you are sons of God, that I am in you and you are in Me. You will feel it. Your heart will be glad, and you will pray.

I will take you to heights unknown. Miracles will take place all around you as you obey. Many will be glad that you took the step of faith to lead. When all looked hopeless, you got up from your seat and prayed.

Pray. Let your heart be glad, and don’t give up. Pray until your tongues stop. This is an amazing gift that has much power to change.

Anyone can pray in tongues. It is a gift for all who obey, all who call on Me for Mercy.

Drink deeply, and let it give you life, freeing you, while you relax and find peace in a home here on earth.

We are together. Let us pray.

© 2008 Jeff Fenske

Let Us Be ONE: Table of Contents

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  1. doug pumroy

    I have prayed in the spirit several hours a day before for specific people. I learned in this article that when I pray in my ‘heart’ for a specific person, the tongues are ‘directed’ in this manner. I committed myself to this type of prayer, and when I rebel and don’t walk this walk God has put before me, my whole world falls apart!!! I fall back into porn and masturbation, rebellion and evil. When I DO walk this walk, the lust of the flesh is kept at bay. This is VERY real in the spirit realm. God bless you for writing such a powerful truth. If the only verse a person could read after being baptized in the Holy Spirit was Jude: 20 what a change in the world!!

  2. Jeff Fenske

    Dear Doug,
    Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for sharing this!!!!!!!
    This is the catalyst that I’ve needed to launch what I’ve been needing to write for awhile, but wasn’t sure.
    I was even thinking about writing much of it in this comment, or in the post, itself. I’ve been trying to sort out how to do this ever since you wrote this. I think I have it figured out, but this is subject to change.
    I’m planning on writing a series on speaking in tongues, 101-901. I’ll start with the basics, then lay out some intermediate groundwork, and then even talk about how we can pray for the source (first cause) behind those who are cursing us, or wishing evil on us, including lust.
    I’ve kind of hesitated about sharing this particularly because it’s possible to actually even figure out who is cursing us, and I’ve thought that some could use this in a detrimental way. I think the times are sufficiently desperate so that people will do a lot less playing around, and will seriously put into practice what needs to in order to get the job done.
    Having been a Christian for 35 years, and praying in tongues this way for 25 years, many thousands of hours, all kinds of prayers, I must say that I don’t know anyone who is always totally demon free. I don’t know of anyone who is totally forgiving everyone 100%, all of the time from the bottom of their hearts.
    The deception in America is so almost complete, and people are driven from within to give into it — and don’t even know they’re demonized. Some are strong enough to get free and stay free in key areas, but most are succumbing to temptation and are neither happy or on their way to heaven; though, they’re taught they are, which is the greatest doctrinal deception. I don’t know if you’ve read my posts on that, especially Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way.
    If we know we must overcome, then we’ve won half of the battle. Then we’ll know we have to put on the full armor of God in order to overcome. And praying in the Holy Spirit allows us to fight the spirits directly affecting us without us having to know all of the yukky details.
    That’s what I think the gift mainly is. We’re fighting the demons that want to take us out. And we can help free up others as well — even those who hate us and curse us. It’s really cool!
    And when they’re successfully set free to where we see the goodness in that person again, it’s like why didn’t I always forgive that person when they were acting so nasty toward me. Deep down they’re special. We’re all special! And everybody has a right to be free. And we can help them while we’re helping ourselves be free too — praying for our enemies perfectly. For when we are praying in tongues we are always praying perfectly. We can’t make a mistake.
    Too many ‘Christians’ are cursing their enemies, precisely what Jesus and the New Testament writers warned us not to do. It’s God’s job to avenge. He will repay. If that’s what He wants to pray through us that’s fine. We just prayed the words He puts in our mouths to pray and His perfect will gets done in His timing. Many are set free, including ourselves.
    It’s a glorious thing, and in it we can rest, building up our faith, praying in the Holy Spirit, like you said Jude said.
    May God bless you immensely for sharing this with me and others, helping to catalyze what I need to get going here. Hopefully, even this weekend, I’ll start sharing what I’ve learned about this great and neglected-by-most gift.
    I would have been dead long ago had I not prayed in tongues, as well as others praying this way for me, seriously. I’ve been cursed so much! But the more we all pray the less we’ll end up needing to pray to stay free, and the closer we’ll get to seeing real revival (basic Christianity) happen.
    If it happens up here in Anchorage, please visit and look me up. And please feel free to add your opinions anywhere in my blogs. I’d love to hear more from you and even more of your experiences.
    Thanks for being so honest and open. This is a real gift you have given me — one of the most important comments I’ve yet received.
    Thank you so much!!!
    May we all overcome together!!
    Power to the people!
    Jeff Fenske : )

  3. Jeff Fenske

    Doug (part 2),
    Since you mentioned overcoming lust, I thought I’d mention something I wrote about a dream and a vision I had that were both about lusting. The dream was about the consequences of willfully lusting and what Jesus said in Matthew 5, and the vision was about how lust demons enter with glee if we give them a place.
    I wrote this in comment #2 in this post: Lust: A Discussion Within—BODY (heart?), MIND & SPIRIT
    So why does praying in tongues help a person be lust free? I believe it’s mainly because lust demons drive lust. They make it hard to resist, once a person gives into temptation even just a little bit. Praying in tongues can zap the demons, and may even help free the person who may be putting the lust spirit on us.
    And by the way, I’ve been feeling more and more led to discuss how to get free from homosexuality on this blog. Those who get hooked into this sin have the same ticket out: cold turkey and not giving the homosexual lust demons a place (a right to enter). And praying in tongues is likely a huge weapon for them as well. I’ve only felt this spirit one time, that I’m aware of, and I rejected it right away. But this was an interesting experience which helps me understand somewhat the mechanism that drives this specific sin that so many ‘Christians’ find so abhorrent even though most of them are willfully lusting at the opposite sex and are on their way to hell too if they don’t repent.
    May we all take the planks out of our own eyes in order to see clearly to help others take the specks out of their eyes — to have compassion with all — to highly value all — and to welcome back in open arms all, just like the Father welcomed back and ran towards his prodigal son who returned.
    Just about everybody is prodigal. May we have grace, grace, grace … !!!!!!!
    Doug, I’m not mainly talking to you about this. This is just on my heart and I know others are reading. May we have grace — forgiving to the max anyone who has been involved in anything!!! Who cares what people have done in the past, even if it’s recent?
    And I mean this, big-time, if anyone is wondering. What we need to focus on is getting free and staying free from every kind of demon. And praying for others in tongues to help everyone who want to get free — not holding anything against anybody — having a big heart for those who repent — and for those who are victims of some pretty ugly circumstances: The Homosexuals Will Arise.
    And those of us who pray a lot in tongues for people, we can pretty much know what people’s demons are, and God can share stuff with us through the word of knowledge or through others. Most people’s hidden sins aren’t as hidden as they think. So why not “come out,” not in the usual way, but come out from the sin, no longer giving the demons a place — cold turkey — ‘ONE’ with each other, back in the body of Christ where we can all be demon-free together — loving each other as ourselves!
    And those who are anti-homosexual-but-lusting-themselves bigots, the redneck bullies who are probably further from the Kingdom than many of the homosexuals (who actually know that killing people in Iraq is neither Christlike or righteous), may we pray in tongues more and more for them. Those are the people I have the hardest time forgiving and having grace for — the self-centered and cursing-others bullies.
    It’s not the homosexuals who are destroying America. Homosexuality is a result the ‘church’ that is no longer the church. I love this dream that puts the blame squarely where it belongs: The Red Gate Prophecy — What If I Open It Just a Little Bit?.
    Jude 20 for everyone!
    God bless everybody!!!
    May we be ‘ONE’!!!
    Thank you so much, Doug!!!
    Jeff Fenske : )

  4. Father of Five

    I’ve read your advice about speaking in tongues, to just let it flow, and have simply begun to make whatever sounds come to mind (like a child imitating a foreign language). I have not noticed any changes or any activity in the Spirit.
    I’ve found myself on my face, begging God for forgiveness and asking Him to help me receive the Spirit. Still no awareness of any activity. In hopes of maybe hearing from God in the night, I have a notebook and pen in my bedside table just in case He speaks. I’ve asked Him dozens of times for help. What is God saying to you I should do?
    Really appreciate the input!

    • Jeff Fenske

      Thanks for drawing near to God in these ways.
      As far as I know, I’m not called to be a personal prophet, and it’s not really something that I aspire towards. I’d rather focus on the big picture of what is going on, and share what I have done to seek and hear God.
      I mentioned a number of other things as well, including getting right with those you’ve hurt, if you have. You may already know exactly what to do, but this way seems too hard.
      And you’re not willfully sinning sins that lead to death, right?
      Are you hearing more than one voice still? Or are you afraid to write down what you’re hearing.
      If you’re hearing more than one voice, then you still have demons speaking. In that case, maybe you aren’t praying in tongues enough. Many times, at least many hundreds of times, I’ve prayed for hours straight in tongues. Pray until you’re free. And if you hear people’s names while you’re praying, pray in tongues for them until your tongues stop. Then go back to praying in tongues in general, or whatever.
      If you’re not hearing more than one answer, you should be hearing God at times, but He’s almost always not loud like the demons. It can be like thoughts, but you know you didn’t make them up.
      What about worship, whether you feel like it or not?
      How about fasting?
      Are you praying forgiving prayers for those you have trouble forgiving? And listening to God afterward?
      Does this make sense? It’s a guarantee:
      “Submit to God;
      Resist the Devil,
      and he will flee.”
      “Draw near to God and He WILL draw near to you.”
      Jesus wants to talk with you — and everyone else, but we have to do it on His terms. We have to prepare our hearts.
      What’s going on in your heart? Can you love God with all of your heart? Are you willing to do whatever He wants — which may be even what you already know to do?
      Have you watched the Asbury Revival video?
      I’m sorry that the Christianity that is taught these days hasn’t prepared people to live the Greatest Two Commandments. So it’s kind of a culture shock to go down this road that hardly anybody is traveling. But we can’t let what others are doing distract us from what we need to do.
      Don’t keep even a tiny bit of your heart from seeking Him. Love God with ALL of your heart, including the bottom.

  5. Father of Five

    Would you happen to know of a personal Prophet I can contact? I would GREATLY appreciate your recommendation of a Godly personal Prophet to assist me on my journey.
    Thanks, Jeff.

    • Jeff Fenske

      I still believe that all Christians should get their primary guidance from being led by God directly: “My sheep know my voice, and they follow Me.”
      But regarding what you ask, specifically: there is no one who I’d recommend, for these reasons.
      Just as there are hardly any pastors who are qualified to lead (mainly because of watering down the leadership and salvation requirements), there are hardly any prophets who are qualified to prophesy. Then, I’m not sure what percentage of those are really called to give personal words.
      And since most pastors aren’t qualified to lead; many actually push away and pray against real prophets. Few pastors really want to work as a full, 5-fold team (Eph. 4:11), unless the prophets sell out and just say what the pastors and apostles want to hear.
      So many of the prophetic people, whether called to be actual prophets or not, are wounded, prayed against by the we-don’t-need-you leaders.
      Most of the ‘prophets’ that still work within churches are the “I’m okay; you’re okay” prophets. I don’t know if they make prophesies up, if they get words from demons, or a combination.
      I long ago stopped my subscription to a famous ‘prophetic’ email list (now a website), because it was like this, deceiving the people that everything is okay, not calling the church into unity through holiness, so we can be free.
      There are two things that I can think of that I haven’t mentioned.
      Have you considered meeting with like minded people, seeking God together, like this: Living Examples, Filled to Overflowing
      A person doesn’t have to be a prophet to get a personal word for someone. And this usually works best in person. We’ve often put people in the ‘hot seat,’ gathering around the person to pray, and we see what we get.
      I also should mention reading and really getting to know the written word of God, especially the New Testament. God won’t talk to us about many things that are already written, or things that we should learn from situations or from other people (other than direct prophesy).
      I hear God every day, but not about most things that I do. The Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth, but it’s not always through hearing His voice directly. Sometimes we just know what to do inside — an inner knowing. And sometimes He wants us to learn through other means.
      The main thing is to let any dirty thing go. Remain clean, or get clean. If you’re not hearing God regularly, I would say that this is number one.
      He might be speaking, but a person can have demonic voices that are louder, speaking in the first person, so the people think it’s their own thoughts. But if we hear something that we know we didn’t originate, it’s either demons or God. Angels can also speak to people, but I think that would only happen by hearing a voice through our ears. Whereas most words from God and demons are thoughts that people hear internally.

    • Jeff Fenske

      I thought I’d give you (and perhaps others) some of my experience in getting personal words from people, including prophets.
      Also, here is a Paul Cain example. Paul Cain is a fairly well known prophet who is known for his prophetic word accuracy during the mid-20th Century.
      People would line up, and he’d tell them very specific information about themselves, especially about their sin issues, I recall from the Mike Bickle interviews.
      He was so careful to keep his thought-life pure that he would even go to and from the meetings blindfolded. But then he saw other “men of God” watching movies, etc., and he let down his guard.
      In the next meeting, it started as always, the people lined up, and he had clear revelation which he was about to give. But then he lost it. It all went blank, and he left the meeting, to never do this again, from what I understand. And recently, he’s publicly fallen into some serious sin problems….
      Perhaps this demonstrates somewhat the level of purity that is required for prophetic people to be able to accurately get information from the Lord for others, if they indeed do have this type of rare prophetic gift.
      I don’t see myself as having this specific type of prophetic gifting, for example. But if I knew of someone who had profound words from the Lord as did Paul in the day, having that level of holiness, and who was willing to give them, I’d say so.
      Now here are some of my experiences, which I think will demonstrate that standing in a line to get a prophecy may not be as beneficial as some think. But when one gets a word specifically for us and comes to us, that’s another story.
      As I stated before, I’ve only stood in line to get a personal word from a prophetic person a few times. The only time that I even remember what was said, was when the prophet had a dream specifically about me, beforehand. This is related here: Intro: “Let Us Be ONE”
      He almost stopped me earlier, during this conference, to give me the word, because his dream was so clear, and he sure it was me in the dream.
      Another very important word that I got from someone happened 20 years ago. A fellow seminary student came up to me after a Vineyard service, and told me he had a word for me. It was so profoundly signficant that I still remember it almost word for word, today.
      But I hadn’t asked for that. In fact, I hardly knew this man, for he was so quiet; even though, we both lived in the dorm, and both attended the Evanston, Il. Vineyard.
      But to tell you the truth, in all of the words that people have gotten for me, I don’t remember hardly any. They’re just generally not very profound. I do remember many of the words and dreams that I’ve had personally, though, from hearing God, myself.
      I really believe that the primary way we should hear God is to seek what He says to us directly.
      I can think of another example. I attended a prophetic seminar which The Prophecy Club held during a weekend. Part of it was prophets teaching, and the rest was hands on.
      We lined up in lines and prophesied to each other for about 2 minutes, each person. Then a leader blew a whistle, and the lines shifted, and we either prophesied to a person or received a prophecy, each time, over and over.
      I think I always got something to say, but I doubt if it was ever very profound. And I don’t remember anything that was prophesied over me. And most of us had prophetic giftings. So one would think that the words would be more significant than what we’d get in a regular prayer meeting, but I wasn’t really that impressed. It was a good exercise though. I’m glad I attended.
      So in my experience so far, I’d have to say that we should all seek to hear God ourselves. This should be our primary way to hear specifics from God. And secondly, when people know that they got a word for us without us even asking, those words, visions, or dreams may be very important as well.
      Real prophets who are also living in absolute purity, and who have a very keen personal prophecy gift would probably be good to stand in line to get a word from, but until real Christianity happens in a big way, it will be pretty hard to find such a person.
      That’s my take at this time.
      Jeff Fenske

    • Erick

      Go to and take a look at the prophecies of Raymond Aguilera. Trust in The Lord and The Holy Spirit will discern for you.

  6. Father of Five

    Thanks, Jeff. I know you are doing this in addition to your secular employment. Thanks for helping us who are struggling to find God.
    Do you receive your prophesies all at once? Do you simply state into a recorder what God is saying to you or do you write it down?
    In response to your question above, I’m not hearing any voices. Very lonely–I need God to guide me.

    • Jeff Fenske

      Sorry for taking so long to respond. I was waiting till I had more time to be able to continue some of what I said above, as well as answering this.
      I also really appreciate these questions. It’s good for me to think these things through as I share this with you and others. I had to learn a lot of this on my own, because I had hard time finding people who could teach me. I hope you and others can glean some things that will help your own walks with God. This is so important!
      Did I receive all of my prophecies all at once?
      This question could be either about personal prophecies that I’ve had or general prophecies, like “Let Us Be ONE.” I’ll start with personal prophecies.
      Actually, I wanted to clarify what I said above. I have had some very significant personal prophecies for others. But these have almost always been when God gave me the words without even me seeking to prophecy, or when I had a great burden for someone’s spiritual life.
      But overall, I haven’t had many personal prophecies for others; though, some of which I’ve had are still very significant, and still make total sense to me; though, I’ve actually been James-3 cursed, big-time, for giving them.
      One time, I was thinking about something totally different, when I started hearing words. But before I go on I really need to share this. I don’t hear words outside of my head. And usually the words I hear are in my mind fairly subtly, quietly. It’s a “still, small voice,” and for me, it’s not really a distinct sounding voice at all. It’s just words that I hear in my mind that I know I’m not making up. I have to be aware. It’s easy to ignore them unless we’re paying attention and know this is how God usually speaks.
      I’ve already covered how important it is to only hear one voice, so I won’t cover that here.
      I have heard God really loudly in my head maybe 1/2 dozen times in my entire life. These were very important times when I needed to know for sure this was God. But this isn’t the norm, just like most dreams I get from God aren’t easily remembered unless I record them right away.
      I’ve used many different ways to record what I’ve heard or seen from God. The main thing is to have a way that is handy, unless we’re absolutely determined to get out of bed and record them even if we’re half asleep and hardly feel at all like doing so.
      I’m a single guy, so it doesn’t matter to anyone else what method I use. But for married people, some suggest a lighted pen, which are pretty cool. I usually use a tape recorder, but I’ve used a laptop, and pen and paper. I don’t use a laptop anymore (unless it’s on a table) because of the EMF it puts out, which isn’t healthy. Otherwise, laptops are great, because it saves the step of having to transcribe the words we get at a later time.
      I tried voice recognition software awhile ago, but it didn’t work so well, so I dropped that. Perhaps it’s better now.
      I got two, more than 10-page prophecies for a pastor that I think were so important that if they had been fully embraced and followed we would have had John-17 revival a long time ago. I was actually told these words weren’t from God; though, he didn’t have a good reason at all. The only thing that I know for sure is that I learned a lot about this person and how the kingdom works through these words.
      Being rejected is really hard, because I put so much effort into recording only what I heard (it really is a massive effort to be that precise), and I knew for sure I didn’t it up. I didn’t even initiate either of them, as I’ll explain. It’s also hard to be rejected when the person is supposed to be your spiritual leader….
      In the first personal prophecy for this person, I was in the room I was renting many years ago, thinking about whatever, when I heard a phrase in my mind. I got out my tape recorder and after a few sentences, I realized I was getting a prophecy for this one pastor. It went on and on for about an hour, which turned out to be more than 10 typed pages.
      In the second, a number of years later for this same person. He asked us a question from the pulpit. I thought I’d write him a letter in response. After writing a page or more, I started hearing a prophecy, which I then typed out instead. I ran out of time, though, because I had to go to work the next day or something. So I was able to finish it later when I got a chance. It just continued where it had left off.
      It’s like no big deal when it happens. The words are just there and I’m careful to record somehow what I hear. But this doesn’t happen very often for me.
      This prophecy was about 15 pages, typed, if I remember right. It all flowed coherently, even using some poetic phrases that are totally outside of the way I personally think. This happens in some of my prophecies here, online too. Like the last part in Let Us Be ONE, the word “boat” is used a lot. I just don’t talk this way. I’m a matter of fact, non-metaphor kind of guy.
      As to the Let Us Be ONE prophecy, I think I mention some things about it in the intro, and I give the dates in the prophecy as to when I got it. After the prophet had the dream that I should write books, writing down what God told me, I finally got enough guts to take the time and just be ready to do it. When I was ready, I heard and typed out part 1. This happened a few more times, And the last part, which happened many years later, occurred this way.
      I was responding to a comment from a lady in New Zealand. I explain this here: ‘Let Us Be ONE’ Prophecy Continues 10/8/08: “It’s TOO LATE to REVERSE what’s been done for MY MEN have been REJECTED … Now is the Time to OVERCOME and GET RIGHT With ALL … FREEeeeeeeeeeeeee———DOM at last … Your HEART will SWELL with LOVE and it will be EASY to REMAIN In Me when others are On The BOAT With You”
      I had absolutely no idea that I would get a prophecy. I was just writing a letter, but when I heard words that I knew I wasn’t making up, I just started writing them down. And then kept writing.
      The main thing is to not interject your own thoughts. This isn’t very hard when we’re at rest and have no desire to make anything up, saying it’s from the Lord. There have been a few times when I thought I was hearing something very similar to how I would say it and I just didn’t write that down, just to make sure. I would rather leave something out than interject my own thoughts, but chances are what I had was from God.
      These prophecies I just mentioned flowed pretty easily. It wasn’t hard to be close to 100% accurate. Where I’ve had trouble was if we would be praying for someone in the ‘hot seat,’ and I’ll speak what I’m getting, and then I’m not sure whether some of the word was for me or this person. I don’t like that. But if this happens, I’ll admit that I’m not sure if this is for you or me. This kind of thing didn’t happen at all in the words I just talked about, the words that God initiated. When people are getting prayed for, I’m just speaking what I’m getting without getting the word first, as in the examples above.
      The other situation is when I’m trying to hear what God is telling me personally. If it’s about something or someone who I really care about it might be really hard to be totally objective. That’s why I like to hear things in different ways, especially when I’m thinking of something totally different, or nothing at all, like when I’m just waking up.
      Dreams are really good for this reason too. A person can’t make up a dream. And if we’re living holy and are prayed up, we’ll probably no longer get dreams from demons. But if we thought it was possible that the dream was from a demon, we could pray in tongues at the demon (whether there was one or not), believing we are praying specifically for that demon and only that demon, and if we get tongues, then it probably was a demon.
      I still do this as a safeguard sometimes, but it’s hardly necessary for me anymore. The big issue for me is whether it was just a dream that my mind created or whether it was a dream from God. Often it’s obvious especially when we fully wake up. But if we didn’t record it right after we got it, we may not remember many of the details. I’ve found that it’s really easy to talk myself out of recording a dream right when I get it, either because it’s so certainly God and the dream didn’t seem that profound, or because I wasn’t sure it was from God.
      But after I come to, more so, I’ll then realize that I should have recorded that because it really was profound. Or if I hadn’t been sure it was God, often when I’m more awake I realize that for sure it was.
      So a lot of this is about personally determining to do whatever it takes to record what God tells us, even if we’re not sure at the time it’s significant or that it’s from God. I find that if I think it’s possibly significant, or possibly from God, then it usually is clear when I’m more awake. So it’s better to be safe than sorry, later.
      And this kind of thing happens to me a lot in my old age: Hearing God’s Voice: Brief Repeat Phrases. I hear something from God this way every single day, usually multiple times. When we hear the same thing 30, 40, or even 100 times over a long period, even if it’s something that is emotional for us, like a relationship, etc., it’s pretty easy to know we heard correctly if we’re only hearing one voice (never hearing anything that conflicts with this). And then if these words agree with what we’ve dreamed, or some people see visions, etc., then there really can be no doubt, no matter how much of a long shot this seems to be.
      I really believe in being led these ways.
      There are two other factors. One is something that I don’t have any personal experience with. But I’ve posted at least one article at ToBeFree about the probability that certain pharmaceutical, psychotropic drugs may actually dull a person’s conscience so they feel less guilty and less depressed. But in reality they should feel depressed so they do whatever they need to in order to come clean and therefore no longer be under condemnation (Rom. 8:1b, which has been taken out of certain Bibles, like the NIV).
      I have never taken psych drugs, but I know people who can’t cry because of their drugs. It is very possible they can directly affect our conscience, and then if the people get off their drugs, they can feel even worse, because they’ve sinned even more often because the drugs dulled their conscience, making it easier to justify their sinning. Not good. It would be good to deal with the spiritual stuff. Get clean; get right with those we’ve hurt; confess our sins one to another; pray forgiving prayers for those who’ve hurt us, etc.. Then, I would think that in many cases, one could work with a doctor who could then help the person get off the meds.
      Most ‘Christians’ have many demons directly affecting them. It’s crucial to shut de do and keep out de debil! Then we can be free, but I have to say that if a person wants to get off of meds, it’s important to do this under doctor’s supervision.
      The other factor is diet and nutrition, and getting rid of toxins. If a person has an unstressed, relaxed body, it’s easier to hear from God without extra emotion. Some of the stress can be from demons, but some can also be from eating the average 21st century, western diet, and being exposed to a bunch of chemicals and EMF.
      So Joshua, does some of this help?
      Remember, you’re not going to probably hear a distinct voice. You’ll just hear words in your mind that you know you didn’t originate from your own thinking. And then you have to test them, unless you only have one voice, which I think is totally the way to go. Cold turkey to willful sin. Getting right with anyone we have hurt. Praying in tongues enough, and actively forgiving anyone who has hurt us.
      We should be at rest. Then it’s pretty easy to hear. But it’s usually subtle. Sometimes it’s really subtle — like “if I wasn’t really observant I wouldn’t even notice what I just heard or realized.” Sometimes, things just “dawn on us,” and this can be hearing from God too.
      And some people will get a lot of visions while being awake. I’ve had some, but not many. And I think it’s great when people are often led in this way.
      I remember a time when I attended Evanston, Illinois Vineyard church about 20 years ago, when I was in seminary the first time. God was really moving then, and the head pastor, Steve Nicholson was so cool in how he encouraged people to seek God.
      Before the service, we’d have Sunday school for college students. I remember one time when we all sat in a circle. Someone led us in a worship song or two, and then we waited on God. I remember this one young woman who was getting visions, and I thought that was so cool.
      And I’ve known others who get visions a lot too, but I imagine that everyone should be able to hear God’s voice as a primary way of being led by the Holy Spirit.
      And regarding words for others, I wouldn’t discount short prophecies or words of knowledge for people either. I’ve heard one-liners or clear awarenesses which were just as important as the really long prophecies.
      Imagine what would happen if a large percentage of people in one church body would be in tune like this, including all of the leaders. Being with our brothers and sisters, then, would be such a joy!
      ONE can happen!

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