Let Us Be ONE, Part 21 of 33

Give Up the Ghost of Independence
Give up the ghost of independence, relying on yourself, like they do on TV, these men of action who always get the bad guy. They never pray, and people go to the movies, thinking he is real. He is a figment of the author’s imagination set to the silver screen.
I have something better, something that works. This can fill you from above. A man of integrity, that’s what I want. A woman who has dreams and who follows her road of purity, keeping herself clean, far from the fray of iniquity that knocks without ceasing. They want you to fall. They work hard every day, trying to get in, these demons who trash humans, working from within.
Iniquity happens from without—no—it happens from within your spirit. You can follow two gods, one good and one bad. It happens. Your heart is evil if you sin. Many give excuses, thinking they can be free automatically. That’s what they’re taught. It doesn’t work this way. You must be clean, and you must do your own homework.
I will give you life when you get rid of the ghosts deep inside. Do not prosper in ways that are unclean. Do not give the Devil a place [Eph. 4:27 KJV] to rule from within. He does this, and few know how evil takes hold. It happens like this. Sin is rampant; few obey, so they get inside.
© 2008 Jeff Fenske


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