Let Us Be ONE, Part 27 of 33

Glad and Happy, Giving Everybody Light

I love My people. I love to see you glad and happy, giving everybody light.
A flicker there, and then it’s out. That is basically what is happening in most, because sin reigns.
Once you learn to live in Me you can give life to many. They will judge, but they’ll see your heart, that you are holy, like Me. Hold them in high esteem, the ones who judge and are critical. They are watching, and are not far off.
My hurt is deep. Let it move you into a life more holy. Care about Me.
I am not like you. I can’t sin, but I can hurt. Think about it, please, as you go about your daily chores, I am inside. There are many things you can do.
There is a Spirit inside compelling you to righteousness. That’s Me. What can we do?
What can we not do when you pray, believing in your heart that I will accomplish what you ask.
© 2008 Jeff Fenske

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