Let Us Be ONE, Part 31 of 33

Holiness Will Excise Darkness

Don’t fear the enemy. They are all around, and they can come in, but holiness will excise darkness.
You must obey, steadily keeping your eyes on Me, not yourself. Let Me be the one that takes you into holiness. Keep your sights set on Me, where you belong.
Yes, there is time, but not much. Watch and pray for today is the day of salvation. Why wait when the time is now? There is so much to do, and we can be many. Many can jump into true holiness, where we can all be one in spirit. Let’s do it, let’s unite, let’s be ONE, today. Why wait?
I want My people to be many. You can do it. You can spread the word. Many will get on the boat and repent. Life will follow. Many will see your face. It will light up the sky. Many will be glad because you cared. Many will follow and run from iniquity when you are holy, when your sights are set on Me, up, where they belong.

© 2008 Jeff Fenske

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